Well done UN

Iraq-Kuwait border peacekeepers signal pullout

Who says the UN never accomplishes anything? They’ve declared the border between Iraq and Kuwait as secure. They’re going to pull out soon.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (via The Command Post)


  1. Why aren’t you as cynical about the US’s actions as you are the UN’s? What about fair and balanced cynicism? ***

  2. I think he has good reason to be more cynical about the (in)actions of the U.N. than the U.S.’s actions. Just look at how well the U.N. is handling its responsibilities in the North Korean nuclear debacle. If there were any doubt about the relavency of the U.N. after Bush’s comments earlier in the year, the U.N. is doing its best to erase those doubts! I find it unconscionable that the U.N. is looking the other way in the hopes the the U.S. has what it takes to solve the crisis. It’s a crisis for the whole planet, for pete’s sake! *IT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE U.N. IS FOR!* And yet they look the other way… OK, I’ll end my rant. Do I think the U.S. has made all the best foreign policy decisions in the last year? Not even close. Lots of mistakes. But to be fair, I think the U.N. forced many of those descisions on the U.S. when it should have handled things itself. ‘Fair and balanced’ doesn’t mean equal, it means you hold them to the same standards. If one body begs for more criticism to be dumped on it, so be it… ***