T-72s MUST REALLY SUCK 22:34 4 Apr 2003

A 3rd ID captain is being interviewed on CNN, and he’s describing some of his M2 Bradleys destroying several T-72s. Not with their TOW missiles. With their 25mm cannon. 800 – 1800m range. Is that even remotely believeable? It’s not that I really doubt him personally, but that is just incredible. The T-72s were dug in, and they were WIPED OUT. 12 T-72s and 2 T-55s, plus other assorted vehicles, destroyed by a mixed force of M1 tanks and M2 BFVs. No US casualties. If true, who has a chance against our armor? Anywhere?


  1. He did it with 25mm M242? Yeah, sure. He should’ve told the CNN that he and his fellow supermans did it with their 9mm Berettas.

  2. i don’t think the tanks were even armed or even had any crewmembers. Iraqis used their older tanks as decoys sometimes were they buried them under sand and camo nets. personally i dont think those tanks had crew members or if they did, they didn’t wanna put up a fight, not after 20 years of ongoing war.