No spider hole for Gadhafi

Libya to give up weapons programs

Libya was an early target in what would become the Global War on Terror (World War Four) when Reagan and Thatcher bombed Tripoli in response to Lybia’s involvement in a disco bombing that killed and wounded many US servicemen.

(Quick! Who wouldn’t allow US warplanes launched from British territory to fly through their airspace on the way to Lybia? Hint: It wasn’t Argentina. Bonus points: Did it stop us?)

Now Lybia admits to having WMD programs and it has announced plans to scrap them. This comes after months of negotiations.

Britain and the United States have been talking with Libya for nine months, Blair said.

“Libya came to us in March following successful negotiations on Lockerbie to see if it could resolve its weapons of mass destruction issue in a similarly cooperative manner,” Blair said in the northern city of Durham.

I haven’t seen anything on this yet, but this peaceful settlement has to be a disheartening blow for the Bush administration, who probably wanted nothing more than to bomb the bejesus out of Lybia.

The UN ended sanctions against Lybia last spring after the Lockerbie settlement, but they had temporarily suspended them three years earlier already. The US kept its own sanctions in place. I imagine that this historic agreement includes provisions for ending our embargo if Lybia follows through with its commitment.

We are such UNILATERAL bastards that it isn’t even funny. I’m sure that this agreement came about because of the goodwill shown earlier by the UN and is unrelated to either the continued US sanctions or the War on Terror.

I’m curious to see what we actually learn of these Lybian WMD programs. (And where they got their materials.) We need to make sure that someone on our list of bad guys doesn’t just pretend to give up (or even pretend to have) WMD to get on our good side. Does anyone know what Blix thought about the possibility that Lybia might have WMD?

Juan Williams was right when he said that the situation in Iraq might destabilize the entire region. Now if Syria and Iran would just get a little more destabilized.

Maybe Bush and Blair have known that Gadafi would give up his WMD since March, but were holding off making it public until it was politically expedient.

Actually, I bet that at least one moonbat makes the claim. I’ll be watching.