Threat level to ‘HIGH’

According to, the official Homeland Security Advisory System has been changed to ‘High’, or Orange. A reader alerted me and asked why the ‘Bert’ flag hadn’t changed.

A quick look at still shows Yellow and has no mention of the change or any particular threat. FoxNews and CNN also report the change. Maybe the DHS is unaware that the DHS rating has changed? The lead story on their page is about transferring personal data to the DHS from other agencies.

Maybe that’s their priority.

In any event, this reminds me of the power outages this past fall. Half the people in the eastern US don’t have any power, and the DHS website had NO MENTION of the event.

They must have been too busy going over everyone’s library records.

Since my icon, which is probably tied to the DHS site, is wrong, I’ll just post the pic from FoxNews.

I would suggest that no one go to the DHS site if you’re looking for official government information. Sad. But hey, we’re paying for that site.

UPDATE: Here’s a link from the DHS page.
I will stay prepared. I will be informed. I just won’t do it at

UPDATE 2: Well, I’ve probably done it now. I submitted the following message to on their “Customer Service” page:

I have seen, on nearly every news outlet, that the threat rating has changed to HIGH. Why doesn’t reflect this change?

You provide buttons for people to add to their webpage that are supposed to automatically update as the rating changes.

Not only is DHS not providing the service that you are using government funds (my money) to provide, but your misinformation is actually WORSE than no information at all.

This could cost people their LIVES.

Perhaps the media has it wrong, and the threat level hasn’t changed. If that’s the case, I stand corrected.

But I am absolutely unimpressed with service. The lead story is about the DHS acquiring access to more personal information. I understand why this might be necessary in performing your mission (which I fully support) but I hope you understand why someone looking for information about the current threat to life and property may be upset to read about more government information collecting but not find the immediate information that they seek.

When the Eastern US was struck by massive blackouts this past autumn, made no mention of the event.

This is unacceptable.

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please surprise me by rectifying the situation.

I don’t expect to hear back, but at least I spoke me piece.

UPDATE 3: As of 2:52 pm ET, the now reflects ‘High.’ They also include the statement by Tom Ridge. Better late than never. Maybe.

Perhaps there should be a

Or did someone read my message and fix their oversight? Heh.

UPDATE 4: The ‘Bert’ didn’t update to ‘Ernie’ immediately, so I put the banner from Two Tigers Online, who claim to be plugged in to the DHS (for what that’s worth) up as well. Then Ernie arrived. I’ll leave them both up for the time being.


  1. Heh. Not likely. Now I’m on a list of troublemakers somewhere… Well, probably on a list of troublemakers EVERYWHERE, given all the nifty new ‘information sharing’ going on. I still think the delay is inexcusable. But at least they eventually got it right. Thanks for reading.