Wrecked Stryker in Iraq


I came across this image at Army Times. It’s the Stryker destroyed on December 13th by an improvised explosive device near Samarra. One GI was wounded. I mentioned it yesterday.

According to Michael Gilbert, a journalist tagging along with the Stryker brigade,

Like many soldiers in the Stryker brigade, the crew of Charlie 1-4 had their worries about how their vehicle would hold up if it were struck by a roadside bomb.

Count them as big believers in the Stryker after their encounter with an improvised explosive device on a dirt street a week ago.

“If it had been a Humvee, we’d all be dead,” said Sgt. 1st Class Mike Farnum, the senior man aboard Charlie 1-4 when it was struck by the IED the afternoon of Dec. 13.

Only the driver, Pfc. Chris Hegyes, 21, was injured, suffering a broken right foot and ankle. The rest of the crew was unharmed.

The blast started a fire in the engine compartment that eventually engulfed the vehicle.

Stay tuned to MO for coverage of the Stryker deployment.

UPDATE: Upon further review, it occurrs to me that the slat armor anti-RPG “cage” isn’t present in this picture. If you look at the pic from the Tribnet.com article taken by journalist Michael Gilbert, you can clearly see the slat armor in place after the Stryker has been loaded onto a transport vehicle. From the looks of the hatches and damage, it seems to be the same Stryker, which makes sense because we’ve only lost one to enemy fire. What’s the deal?

Looking at the plowed sand under the wheels, maybe the slat-less pic was taken later after the Stryker had been towed to that spot for inspection? I’m not sure. Any ideas?

Also, here’s a pic of Bravo Co, 5th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 20th Infantry Regiment in action on 12/15/03. Note the slat armor on the Stryker.


  1. You are correct, the photo of the stryker without slat armor was taken several days after it had been dragged to a secure area. The armor was removed as part of the investigation that always follows an incident like this. If you have any other questions you can contact me at the address listed. P.S. I am the vehicle commander of the styker in the picture. SFC Farnum

  2. Yes its better than a Humvee for survivability. But its still not a patch on a Bradley or British Warrior. The move away from heavy armour to light rapidly deployable AFVs is basically a cost issue and it will potentially leave soldiers without adequate protection and mobility. Stryker – not good enough for war fighting and not good enough for high intensity insurgencies (why else was it given the quietest part of US controlled Iraq?

  3. in an article form combatreform.com it is recommended that the updated M113 version should replace the stryker, how does it compare to the stryker as far as crew protection and other aspects?