Stryker brigade makes big haul

Informant leads troops to weapons cache

Soldiers from the Stryker brigade operating near Samarra (north of Baghdad about 2/3 of the way to Tikrit) captured a load of weapons during Operation Arrowhead Blizzard.

Col. Mike Rounds, the brigade commander, said each of his two infantry battalions in Samarra was supposed to attack 12 targets in the first three days of the operation, which began Dec. 17.

Instead, they hit those 12, then another 12 each, in the first two days. After a lull of two or three days, he said Samarra residents now are starting to come forward with information about former regime loyalists and others who are attacking U.S. forces and disrupting efforts to rebuild the country.

Samarrans see that Stryker troops have “taken away a lot of the folks that they frankly don’t like all that much, either,” Rounds said.

As we kill, capture, or drive off insurgents and take their weapons stores, the local Iraqis are going to see that they stand to beneift greatly by helping get rid of the bad guys. When one guy steps up and tips us off, and we follow through, it demonstrates to two or three others that they can safely do the same. It’s a snowball effect that will help both us and them.

I’ve also come across some more good Stryker brigade pics. Click on the image for a large hi-res version (Makes a great desktop):


Both these pics show the MEN of the brigade going about their business, and it’s important that we remember that the Stryker LAVs are simply a means of getting our soliders to the places they need to be and supporting them once they get there. Not the other way around.


  1. I wish you all the luck in the world in getting the bad guys. My son, Bradley Dillon, is in the 1st Battalion,37th Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade,2nd Infantry Division, Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Give him my love.

  2. I’m not in the Stryker Brigade. I’m just a guy with an opinion, and I happen to have a very high opinion of the men and machines in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. When I speak of ‘we’ and ‘us,’ I’m speaking figuratively as a citizen of the United States and a proud member of the free world. And it’s probably more than a little unfair to the fine men and women of the armed forces who are litterally in harm’s way doing what needs to be done. I apologize if I’ve inadvertently misled anyone or if it sometimes appears that I’m claiming some of the honor that so rightly belongs to our soldiers. It is certainly not my intent to do so.

  3. Hi, I am employed by General Dynamic Land Systems in Anniston, Al., at the Anniston Armay Depot. I am proud to be of the many people that builds the Stryker Vehicle. I work on the Sub-Assy.line. I build quality in to my work so you guys will be safe. I appreciate what you are doing for all of us. If you happern to see the initial J.F. on any seats, headlight, mirror brackets, battery boxes, inverters, charger, it is build by me. Joyce