Sensing on Spurrier

Spurrier’s departure

One Hand Clapping has some thoughts on Steve Spurrier, the recently departed head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Anyway, what Spurrier has to consider now is that there are no off weeks in the NFL. He is playing the equivalent of Tennessee or FSU every week. There are no rankings, there is only the cold, cruel ledger of the win-loss ratio. Not only is every NFL team going to play him at a consistently high level he is not used to facing week after week, at some point he will realize that the other head coaches are just as good as he is, or better. The other coaching staffs are just as good as his.

College ball has as many layers of skill and talent as a Black Forest cake, but not the NFL. The NFL has only two layers: playoff teams or stay-home teams. And all the teams are hungry, and all the teams are good.

Good stuff. I honestly believe that Spurrier’s offense could work in the NFL, and I think that the ‘Skins had most of the personnel they needed to make it happen. Another offseason of adjustments and another role-player or two might have been enough. I think coaches need three seasons in the NFL before they can be fairly judged.

That being said, Spurrier was clearly flailing and failing. I’m not fan of the guy or his system, but I’m not looking forward to a new guy coming in and needing two years to clean house and a third to bring his plan to fruition.

‘Skins coaches don’t seem to last that long.