As I wander the web, I come across stuff. Isn’t that funny how that happens? I also get links sent to me by readers with fake names. At least they sound fake.

Anyway, if I see something vaguely interesting but don’t post about it immediately, I keep the link so I can come back to it later and research it more or think about it more before posting.

What happens, of course, is that many times I don’t ever get back to look into all those links.

(The internet has stuff. A lot of stuff. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big the stuff is. I mean, you may think there’s a lot of stuff piled in the back corner of your garage, but that’s just peanuts to the internet.)

So here are a few links that I’m not going to write much about, but may be of interest to someone. Maybe.

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert
The reader who emailed me this link about a Staples employee calling the police because a customer (who’s noted as being a homeschooling mother) asked about buying Microsoft’s Flight Simulator noted the closing graph: At one time it was rare to find US citizens, in the safest and most prosperous country in the world, jumping at their own shadows. Now we only note how high.

Changing faces: statue honors fallen heroes
An Iraqi sculptor previously forced to create statues of Saddam, melts the former dictator down and uses the material to make a memorial for American soldiers.

SkyHigh Airlines
With concepts like “Challenge Seating,” “Airport Overnighter Trips,” a Global Baggage Tracker, and a flight to Red Oak, IA from Brainerd, MN via Blalock, OR and Dover Foxcroft, ME, why fly the biggies?

Executive Laptop Steering Wheel Mount
What could possibly go wrong? (I think this is a REAL product, BTW.)

The 100-Megabit Guitar
Gibson Les Paul + Cat-5 = Digital Rock. Pictures at the Gibson site.

It looks like a black Commodore VIC-20, except that it doesn’t have a ROM cartridge slot. What if I want to expand the memory to 12K?