Apache on the warpath

Attack Helicopter Video from Iraq

A 4.64 MB mpeg on Strategy Page:

On December 1st, 2003, a 4th Infantry Division AH-64 Apache gunship has been tracking a pickup truck in the dark. The truck pulls up next to a larger truck and the driver gets out. The man then takes a 4-5 foot long object out of the pickup truck. This could be either an RPG or an anti-aircraft missile. The Apache pilot asks his boss for permission to attack, and is told to “Engage. Smoke him.” And they do, with 30mm cannon fire.

WARNING:Some viewers may find it disturbing.


  1. In war, people die. Don’t forget that there isn’t just a 5.56mm round from an M-16 that kills people, but there is also 30mm rounds from a cannon that kill people. I mean come on. When an enemy is whipping out an anit-aircraft missile, I don’t care what your views are on the ‘correct’ combat, your going to light his ass up. If you are an American and you disagree with this action, you should be hung for being a communist.

  2. So, have they found the chemical weapons yet? Nuclear weapons? Any proven ties to Al Qaeda? Why are we killing Iraqis for what a bunch of Saudis did to us in New York? Oh, yeah, according to our leaders the Saudis are our friends. The Saudis are also very, very rich. Does that tell anyone out there anything? Bring our young men and women back so they can stop killing and being killed! Leave those bastards to kill each other. They do a fine job of that when they’re standing together to kill us. Tell our leaders to find Bin Laden and quit looking for fall guys. Bring our kids back and try to remember that we said we weren’t gonna do Viet Nam again. Any of you out there remember Viet Nam?

  3. Chuck is right, this is Vietnam all over again. The places and names are different but the Orwellian ’10 minutes of hate’ is still the same.

  4. I remember Vietnam, and prior to that war there was not an attempt to destroy the U.S. Pentagon, White House and financial markets by using our passenger airlines as missles. So yeah, different war, different time, different Administration, different enemy. Sorry Chuck. Oh and we’ve got a lot of dirt to dig up to find those WMDs, Iraq is a dessert.

  5. First of all… I’m rick james bitch….. This one goes out to you chuck… what did the five fingers say to the face???? S L A P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support your country brother and figure out that just becuase you have an opinion doesn’t make you the subject matter expert on U.S. war policy. There is allot of shit that this administration knows that your not privledged tooo.. Thank God… Oh and stop watching CNN and MSNBC… it’s only 1/4 of the TRUTH… MILITARY VET

  6. At the end of the day, if you don’t like your country, go away. On the day of remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I do not shed a single tear. Ye reap what ye sows and life’s a bitch, so it payback. I say let the US open up ‘nuther can o’ whoopass and continue to kick bootay. Bob Nailer

  7. No tears for these guys. Hyperwar is a real bitch, and there’s no such thing as a fair fight. You sneak up behind the guy and double tap his head before he knows you’re there. Mess with the US at your peril. By the way, the WMDs are in Syria. NEXT!

  8. if the WMD are in Syria go there you dumb nuts All you have acheived in Iraq is alot of casualties for the home side. so all you farmers go bale your hay and shut your mouths you dumb red neck asses. o and just be careful, you might get your ass blown away while your crossing the street. just to let you know Comunism works faggots. you guys are run under a hidden communism government.

  9. Dubious reasons for ever invading Iraq in the first place, stupid comments, idiotic patriotic comments aside…what we are seeing here is a clear breach of the Geneva Convention. You can’t shoot the wounded. Unless of course your from the US – in which case international law and guidance doesn’t seem to matter anymore………

  10. I hope we don’t forget Nam and what we did to our troops. This time we need to support our troops, This time we need to support our president, and this time we need to treat people like you (that don’t) as the traitors that you truly are. I can say with experience, that fellow military personnel died because of traitors like you. And our so call ‘boys’ were tourtured because of people like you. Don’t make the same mistake this time!! And if you don’t like our country, move to France! To A-Dam, Were the non military people hung, and set on fire treated by the Geneva Convention?

  11. First of all, Marines Rock! Ok, if your a legitimate farmer, would you be FUCKING AROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! You know there’s American CAPs. And this is not a Vietnam. During Vietnam, the administrations never allowed the military to do its job. No WMDs, no terrorist connection? Why did Nick Burg get his head chopped off, how come we just found Sarin in Iraq. There’s no violation of the Geneva Convention by using .30 Cal ammo you dumbasses.

  12. First off, you can’t shoot personnel with a caliber .50 or higher wounded or not. It is reserved for equipment. Secondly, why would any of you bleeding hearts not want that wounded man put out of his misery? You enjoy seeing somebody suffer? He probably wasn’t going to live long. He was just hit with 30mm rounds. I would have been disappointed if the pilots left him there to squirm around in agony until death came from bleeding out. Mercy is a Christian belief and a good one that I can agree with. Mercy is not a Muslim belief apparently but we need not learn from them.

  13. Just a bit of clarification for Lincoln and Somebody. The US Army responded to the question of attacking those three with 30mm rounds by stating the Apache Attack Helicopters smallest weapon is the 30mm cannon. I suppose they could have used its Hellfire missiles and made a hell of a bigger mess, DOH!! Also using higher caliber rounds to attack equipment like a canteen or belt-buckle being worn or held by a human is not prohibited. You have to love loop holes. Lincoln, there is quite a bit of difference between .30cal rounds and 30mm rounds. Try comparing a basket ball to an orange. Somebody, You trumped with the Christian thingy. Except you have to agree that the true Christian action would be not to kill… Period. I mean putting a guy out of his misery is one thing. But the guy didnt accidentaly get hit by 30mm munitions. The commander told him to ‘SMOKE HIM’ ‘There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who do not

  14. You pricks really scare the shit out of me, and I’m part of your ‘Coalition of the Killing’ thanks to my countries arse licking politicians. How any human being can get enjoyment from seeing another liquidised is beyond me. Your pilots are loaded to the eyeballs with speed to dehumanise them and you say nothing! What next, the breeding pens for superior Yanks? {Better start by getting rid of all the fucking fat ones before you start I guess} Or better still… the gas chambers for Moslems! Beware the empires that march under the banner of the Eagle. Ohh well, at least they all got theirs in the end ehh. And so long as you don’t last as long as the Roman Empire, I think mankind can survive the USA.

  15. I’m not really thrilled with killing people, but if there’s any group that deserves to die, it’s the Saudi royal family. We should line up those 4000 princes and blast them with 30mm and throw in a few hellfires for good measure. Backstabbing weasels claim to be allies but are probably funding the Iraqi insurgancy and sponsor much of the western hate propaganda.

  16. I got a buddy that is a pilot over there. I think your a bit ignorant of the actual mentality of our pilots. I can not speak for all but I know the ones I know personaly want to get the hell out of there, come home, and see thier families. As far as Western propaganda, I agree. There is alot of it. I live here in the USA, I have been to third world countries. I choose to stay here in the USA. Get the jist of things lol. Now im not proud of our last election by any means. But Im too young to run for office, not that I want that gig. But for the record, I do not condone shooting a squirrel with a .44MAG. WTF are you talking about gas chambers for Muslim’s? Here in the USA it is for all the people LOL. J/K person with no name. But there is’nt any Auschwits for Muslims here. The people of USA will not stand for that. As for superior Yanks, we kinda helped stop that kind of thing about 60 years ago. ‘There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who do not


  18. This is crystal clear to me. These terrorists were handling RPGs or weapons of that kind. They were trying to setup a hidden launch plattform on a civilian vehicle. Remember these people are cowards. Throwing stones and hiding hands. They love to be seen as innocent farmers and stuff and they love to be martirs. Those of you that think oh poor farmers… If they were farmers I’m the pope!!! They were a thread and they had to be terminated. The last one was dead already. No one can survive a burst of bullets that size. Period. Gunner decided to put him out of misery ASAP. Have you seen the footage of the terrorists shooting at a soviet made hellicopter? After shooting it down, they go to the crashsite and kill the only survivor. Cold blooded. He was wounded. Geneva convention??? They don’t know what that is. And the beheadings?? Women also??? All of you that say bullsh*t about Geneva conventions and stuff… Remember. This radical muslims didn’t thing about that kind of stuff in NY or Madrid. And they certainly didn’t respect human rights when they beheaded all those poor hostages. Come on!!! One thing is to get kill by a headshot and other very different thing is to get your neck to be cut inch by inch. Imagine the suffering. And then you see some marines killing some enemy terrorist and cheer because they survived the incident, and a bunch of morons say ‘That’s violating the poor terrorist rights, that man was wounded and marines shouldn’t have killed him’. COME ON!!! We should smoke’em all!!!

  19. U.S.A out of Iraq! Oh by the way….I’m American..Saying that if I don’t support U.S military action I ‘should be hung as a communist’..Makes me wanna puke..Don’t go telling me what I am ,man..You don’t know anything..This is naked agression.

  20. as a brit and not anti this war, any british combatant who gunned down an in=jured man would be court martialled. simple as that. thats the difefrence between a professional army and a bunch of over equipped cowboys

  21. I’m french canadian. Been in france for work a lot for the last 4 years. I don’t like ppl dying, thats all. If we were that all civilized, we shouldn’t die quite often. I know my english is bad but… George Bush is an Idiot and Ariel Sharon is the one that brought us so much hatred and war since he went to the esplanade of the Mosquee. I am american than most of real american ppl. What I hate the most is racism. I have native american ancestors from 1732 since french ppl saved your american butts from UK in the independance war. I don’t care that anyone states that communist should be hunged. First amendement gives you right to decide who should be hunged. NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGED. Everyone should be entitled to their opinion and given the right to DISCUSS THAT MATTER. Killing ppl is so retarded planetary wise. Anyway stop this youth american near 2000 killing and show us the path to ecology. Martin Lapalme proud cross breeded french and native american

  22. Yes, the video is very graphic and very disturbing, but that is war. I am currently serving in Iraq and my opinion on this war goes both ways. We are helping a third world country and military to get on their feet and try to make their lives a little bit better. Yet on the other side i see why so many do hate us. When a military convoy drives down their roads, they must get off to the side or we will make them. If a vehicle get too close to us, every crew serv weapon is pointed at them to keep them a way from us. that is how we keep ourselved alive. But if the roles were reversed and they were in the US, I sure as hell would become an insurgent. There are always always different views and pros and cons. But we are in Iraq. We must do the best we can. I didnt ask to go, i was told. Support the men and women who put their lives and danger so those back here can sleep peacefully. Many have paid the ultimate price, even if you dont agree with this war, and it still is a war, shouldnt we support and trust them? Just a couple of thoughts from someone who has seen the hell of war. I pray this is over quick and we all come home soon.

  23. I suport your troops over there. I don’t hate americans, bcz as I said I’m a french crossed native american. I’m from Quebec, french province of Canada, a north american like you. I’am proud american too. I love your country with his incredible history and great potentiel to do great things for the sake of the world. Please, don’t think that I am beeing ironic, I am that of the naive idealistic type. I’m a musician and I started this gig in France for the last 4 years. I took a Montreal-Paris flight like 50 times. My first flight 4 years ago, was… Guess what? On the 11th of october 2001. One month after the sad events of the 9/11. Each time I took the plane, I was always thinking: ‘What will I do if there’s faceless cowards on this plane?’ Like your president well decribed it. These cowards needs to be stopped, I agree with that but… By any means? By making it worst? Its fair to say that the issue of this war concerns everyone on this planet. I’m just curious, I’d like to know who is it that you r fighting in Irak? Will there be more of them somewhere else after Irak? I am worrying a lot about that. Can I say that I strongly beleive that your president and his entourage are unable to win this war, they’re just making it worst? Can I say that as a habitant of this planet without beeing called a communist who should be hunged? What is next? North Korea? Syria? I think that too many of you have died already and too much innocent civilians too. I don’t like ppl dying. Not a sign of a great civilisation. Wish that God may keep you all alive so that you get back soon to your families. P.S.: Sorry again for my approximate english. Martin Lapalme

  24. Well I’ll try and keep this short. I fully support what George W. Bush is doing in Iraq. Like someone said above; there is alot of information that we’re not privilged to know. Over the many years of suffering and turmoil in Iraq, I’d say that Saddam and his hinchman got exactly what they deserved; and the people of Iraq are getting exactly what they’ve deserved for many years now….FREEDOM! Jesus man, when I think about all the murders that that regime has committed and the atrosities set forth on his own ppl. Ok, he had an election…he got 100 percent of the votes….’hello’ even the FBI would call that a clue. This man led his people with the fear of their lives at stake. When he doubted the dedication of a citizen of Iraq, what do you think he did with him or her and their family? He fricken murdered them in cold blood…but yet you still say that we’re worse than them…give me a break man! As far as the Apache incident, well I viewed it as someone else did above. These were not farmers! This one fellow grabbed what appeared to be to me an RPG, the same crap that has downed many of our choppers and convoys. This is how they operate. They lie in wait for a helo, posing as ‘innocent farmers’ and then bam our guys are dead. Screw that, they probably saved countless American Lives by killing those folks. God Bless our Nation for standing up to the bullies of this world where other countries like France hide behind their curtain of dishonor. There is a reason why France, Russia and Germany are not in this, and its because of all the crap that Saddam’s got on their rear ends. Its plain for a blind man to see. Somebody called our president and our Troops cowards….well the true cowards lay in Iraq, France, Germany and Russia! And for the guy that calls himself an American who lives in Canada and has some French in him….Jesus man the only thing you got going for you is the American part! Do me a favor, move to Iran some other country where you have no rights and then compare that to where you live now. You will soon be offering George Bush your hand in apology. Well man I said I would make this short, but somethings are just worth saying. God Bless America and Our Allies!! Chris

  25. I wanted to add a quick note: I sit here in Iraq again after coming back off of leave. I just read the last two entries and I want to say that I agree with what Chris said. The people that we fight here are the ones that pose a threat to US forces, including all DOD, Allied forces such as the Austalians, British, and a few other small countries that send what they can, and Iraqi civilians and military. This isn’t Vietnam, we dont shoot just for the fun of it, regardless of how the media may spin it. We have Rules of Engagement. Minimal forces neccesary to stop a threat. Many, MANY people here appreciate us here. I have talked to Iraqi Army Personel and they are oh so glad we are helpin them out. Maybe we are here for oil, maybe not. but regardless, we are here. we have a job to do. these people needed, and still need our help. and i am proud to be part of a country that realizes how important human life is to sacrifice on to help another. if you dont like that idea, dont enlist. all of us who enlisted knew we could go to war and die, i did. so if you dont think that way stay at how. but support your troops that have fought for our independance, WW1,WW2 vietnam….you can sleep peacfully because my fellow troopers see that you do. i dont ask support out of audacity or ego. i ask it out of respect, respect for God, Country, the Military and yourselves. and yes i siad God but thats another discussion. God Bless Our great country -J

  26. You are quite welcome Lee. Please if anyone has ANYTHING to say, say it. Get the word out about this board. This is why it is here. Have a great day, I am.

  27. I’m sorry to see there’s no new postings since Sept. 23/05 I don’t have much respect for the guy who seemingly is trying to impress his buds by being in the wide open w/RPG in aim. Then the guy takes his time and doesn’t fire. He had ‘sitting duck’ tattood across his forhead as far as I’m concerned. Have respect for the dead? Saddam is on trial now, so why don’t you ask him the same question? He had no respect for the living, let alone the dead. OIF Vet? You still there? Thank you for your service. I hope all is well with you and I pray for your saftey. Thanks! Tim

  28. Oh yeah…. I made a comment on the video of the insurgent that was smacked down by allied forces. This deal about the guys with the trucks? There’s the short version (which the media) uses, and the long version (which gives more reasoning to the situation) Thats the first time I’ve ever seen nor heard of a ‘farmer’ wearing a military style beret. I’ve never heard of a ‘farmer’ taking a ‘Shovel’ (RPG) and throwing it in a field just 80 feet from where they’re standing. After the first guy gets hit, I’ve never seen a ‘farmer’ attempt to pull a ‘shovel’ (RPG) out of a canvas bag (shovels in canvas bags???) as fast as this guy The third ‘farmer’ whould have been so much better off if he had laid down in front of the truck spread-eagle instead of hiding underneath the truck. the truck (could have been civilian, could have been military. they’re the same) the truck obviously is used for military means and was taken out. he happened to be hiding in the wrong spot. An exploding 30mm cannon round can split an engine block with ease. Sure they guy is wounded. BADLY! even if aid had been on the spot, he probably wouldn’t have survived just moments. I would have taken him out too. In fact, it looked to me like he crawled out slowly, and was about done anyhow before the final ordinance came down. BTW, the second ‘farmer’ looked to me like he was driving a ‘tractor’ (jeep) with a ‘grain auger’ (howitzer) attached to the back. ”Chuck is right, this is Vietnam all over again. The places and names are different but the Orwellian ’10 minutes of hate’ is still the same. posted by Dale Cosby – April 5, 2004 01:10 PM …” Not at all, Dale. Not even close….’ Tim

  29. This video was first shown to me after I came home, and I was appaled that the medea had access and provided viewing of such a graphic video to the public! This video had clear indications of the RIGHT thing to do. If I had been placed in those pilots positions I would have and probly will do the exact same thing. The Geneva convention and military policy would have prociscuted and ended those pilots carrers if anyone in there chain of command would have thought they had done anything wrong. I know both pilots are still proudly serving there country with honor. If you analyze the entire video and listen carfully to EVERTHING that was said you would still have only a fraction of the information needed by that commander to make that call to ‘Smoke em’. I love our country and I’m Very proud to serve in a military thats held to higher standards than most others. I would lay down my life and risk everything for this cause that placed us in Iraq. If you don’t feel the same it only means your not me or you haven’t seen or experienced what I have. If you do feel the same, know I support you and I pray that we all make it home to our families safe. Tim