And I just told someone that I’d take another look at Clark

Wesley Clark questions the value of Bill John Kerry’s war record as it pertains to leading the country? Dismissing him as just a “junior officer”?

Steve at Enter Stage Right writes

I dislike Kerry’s politics as much as anyone on the right can but this is one of the more abhorent attacks on the man I’ve seen in a while. As Tacitus points out, Kerry was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts during his service in Vietnam. It’s absolutely disgusting that a fellow Vietnam vet would disrespect one of his brothers like this.

That should win him some votes.

Can’t we all just get along?


  1. So the next time Bush says ‘nucular’ I presume you’ll suggest we should dismiss him completely, too. Did you hear the whole quote? Perhaps poorly worded or ill advised, but he was trying to politely say ‘I have more relevant experience’ like the Senator (Kerry) is saying about Dean and Edwards. And the President (Bush) is saying about all of the Dems.

  2. That’s a bit harsh coming from a ‘let’s not get so polarized’ voice, MP. I didn’t dismiss Clark completely (or at all) or suggest that anyone else should do so. I did note that the quote probably wouldn’t win him any additional votes, which I believe to be accurate. As for the context of the quote, you’re right that there’s more to it than Clark just bashing a junior officer. In fact, in my post about getting Clarkbotted (, I wrote ‘I know that’s an oversimplification blah blah blah’ about Clark’s words. I was just disappointed that the first thing I read about Clark after telling a friend that I’d take another look at Clark were his ‘poorly worded or ill advised’ remarks. And I don’t really think he was trying to ‘politely’ say anything.

  3. All right, he’s saying it as politely as pols do when trying to beat someone with out looking ‘mean’. I didn’t mean for you to take my nucular remark seriously. My apologies for not being clear about that. Is there an emoticon for tongue in cheek?