Coincidentally all in Iraq at the same time

Troops in Iraq

KTLA commented in my post with the nifty flags that it would be interesting to see exactly what contribution all of the nations who have committed troops to Iraq are making.

Via Blackfive – The Paratrooper of Love I give you the list. Click the link at the top for the info. It’s a November post based on an AP report at the time, but as the ol’ blogosphere sniffed out inaccuracies it’s been updated over time. Good stuff.

KTLA notes

I suspect a few are probably along for the ride, though they’re still on the correct side of the line.

In this, he’s completely correct. First of all, we’ve used our position and influence on world affairs to convince some folks to help out. Many people have a problem with this, and I agree that it can be a problem, if done by simply bullying lesser nations into cooperating. I don’t really think that’s what we’ve done, although many will claim that it is.

Also, some of the nations on the list have made very small contributions.

Kazakhstan — 27 troops.

Not more than a token detachment, and not even a drop in the bucket. Still, the nations that make such small contributions don’t have militaries the size of the US or the UK, and their offerings are a concrete statement about where they stand on things.

UPDATE: From yesterday’s Strategy Page:

So far, there have been 610 coalition troops killed in combat. This includes 518 Americans, 56 Britons, 17 Italians, eight Spaniards, five Bulgarians, two Poles, two Thais, one Dane, and one Ukrainian.

For the nations whose contributions are small, every casualty is even that much more significant.