How to escape from a mountain lion

Today on my little page-a-day Worst Case Scenario calendar has these tips:

  1. Try to make yourself appear bigger by opening your coat.
    The lion is less likely to attack a larger animal.

  2. If the lion still behaves aggressively, throw stones.
    Convince the lion you are not prey.

  3. If you are attacked, fight back.
    Most mountain lions are small enough that an average-size human can ward off an attack. Do not curl up and play dead.

It seems to me that this advice could apply to many other situations, and I notice that nowhere does it mention negotiating with the mountain lion. The lion has no interest in diplomacy. It doesn’t want to just get along. It simply wants to kill you. Maybe to eat. Maybe to defend its territory. It feels totally justified, and nothing you say or do will convince it otherwise.

As I wrote earlier, do not ever play fair with animals which are attacking you or the ones you love. Even if it is only their instinct to do so. Even if something you’ve done has triggered the attack. Throwing stones is nice. Gunfire or more advanced weaponry may be more appropriate, depending on the sort of animal you are confronted with.

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