Spirit of America Update

As I wrote last night, there’s a group called Spirit of America working with the Marines to raise money to equip some Iraqi low-power television stations in an attempt to get news and information out besides what’s being spewed by Al Jazeera. I donated a few bucks to the project, and landed on their mailing list:


As you know from the news, the 1st Marine Division that Spirit of America and our donors have been supporting is in a very difficult and dangerous situation in Iraq.

One of the messages I frequently get from them is that it’s a very small number of people that are causing the problems we see. In other words, they don’t want us to give up on the Iraqi people or on the Marines’ mission in Iraq.

One LtCol emailed, “The only thing I would ask is that you get the word out to your friends not to let the drama created in the media reporting drive them to lose heart with regards to our mission here. Sure we have taken some casualties, but the people we are fighting are criminals, terrorists, and punks and we are cleaning their clock. The best thing we can do is to keep fighting and clean house. If we don’t take care of business now, these hoods will be around to cause problems in the future.”

Things with distribution of goods we donated to support the Marines “No Better Friend” plan have been understandably delayed by increased the conflict. The Marines had great plans and intentions to demonstrate to the Iraqi people they were there to help rebuild the country. Their intentions remain the same, the plans have changed of necessity.

Despite the conflict, the Marines’ distribution of Frisbees and soccer balls has begun. More is coming but here is a link to one story and a photo http://www.spiritofamerica.net/blog/archives/000051.html.

Tomorrow (Friday, April 16th), Dan Henninger, Deputy Editor of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page will be writing about Spirit of America in his column which he calls “Wonder Land.” So, if you get the Journal, check the editorial section. It may be available tonight (12:01am EST) at http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/dhenninger/

On Monday, I’ll send a separate message regarding the Marines’ request for help in equipping television stations in Iraq to provide local people with better information and counter the deeply negative influence of Al Jazeera. That message will be suitable for forwarding to friends and family. A summary of the TV initiative is at http://www.spiritofamerica.net/req_12/request.html

Thanks always for your support.
Jim Hake
Spirit of America

About what you’d expect, but interesting nonetheless.

Also, don’t forget the Iraqi Toy Drive (Operation Give). There’s a link at left on the sidebar. It’s the one with the teddy bear.