Mr. Lincoln Gives a Press Conference—September 1, 1864

You all know I love half-baked analogies. Not because I think they truly explain what’s happening today, but becasue they can help us get our minds around things that we really don’t. Here’s one by Victor Davis Hanson that should be checked out. Really.

Mr. Lincoln, would you please respond to General McClellan’s charges at the recent Chicago convention that with the establishment of the Emancipation Proclamation you misled this nation in the reasons you gave for this war. Is it not true, Mr. President, that you assured Americans that you have started this war to preserve the Union and protect federal property in the South? Yet now you claim that in fact our sons are dying to free slaves and provide equality to the Negro? What was the real reason, Mr. Lincoln, that you cooked up this war and got us into this mess, and why did you not tell us the full story when the shooting started?

Am I suggesting that we compare GW to Abraham Lincoln? Of course not. But go back 150 years for a moment and try to imagine what things must have looked like then to people who were in the MIDDLE OF EVENTS.

Do you think that maybe there were one or two people who thought we should get the hell out of the South? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, there were some folks who thought that freeing black Americans wasn’t worth the cost in treasure and blood? Do you think that perhaps some folks wished that government would just be honest about what was going on and what they were trying to do, like in the good old days?

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