Although not a big fan of the CIA, I had no real issues with George Tenet. Is he a fall guy? The anti-Bush crowd will say so.

Was he outed for missing the Slam Dunk? I wonder how much of that talk we’ll hear, since it appears that it will detract from the “Bush lied” scenario.

Or maybe he just wants to spend more time with his family?

Bill Hobbs writes:

CIA Director George Tenet, who should have been fired after 9/11, has resigned. Unsolicited advice for President Bush: Move Tom Ridge over to CIA, and appoint Rudy Guliani Secretary of Homeland Security immediately.

While I’m not totally convinced Tenet should have been fired for 9/11 (if he was the best guy for the job at the time, why make a knee-jerk reaction?) I DID say to some coworkers on the afternoon of 9/11 “Assuming we get through the next year, this is the end of the CIA as we know it.” That obviously hasn’t been the case.

I thought the speech Tenet gave at Georgetown University in early February was a good one, and have been trying to temper my normal dislike of the CIA since then.

As for Tenet’s replacement, I guess we could do worse than Tom Ridge. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that the Department of Homeland Security has been terribly reassuring. Is that Ridge’s fault? I don’t know. When he was appointed, I thought he was a good guy for the job. I guess we’ll have to see.

As for Guliani to DHS, now there’s an interesting idea.

UPDATE: ACE likes the Guliani idea, as well.