Nobody likes sour grapes, Gorby

Gorbachev: ‘We all lost Cold War’

The former Soviet leader visited Washington, DC to pay his respects to Ronald Reagan, which was a pretty classy move.

But if he had warm, appreciative words for Reagan, Gorbachev brusquely dismissed the suggestion that Reagan had intimidated either him or the Soviet Union, or forced them to make concessions. Was it accurate to say that Reagan won the Cold War? “That’s not serious,” Gorbachev said, using the same words several times. “I think we all lost the Cold War, particularly the Soviet Union. We each lost $10 trillion,” he said, referring to the money Russians and Americans spent on an arms race that lasted more than four decades. “We only won when the Cold War ended.”

So that means that nobody won the first Gulf War. Nobody won World War 2. Nobody won World War 1. (Okay, I’ll give you that one.) Nobody won the American Civil War. Nobody won the American Revolution.

Gorbachev goes on to claim that it was his flair and political savvy (my words) that brought the Cold War to an end. I’ve long held that the Cold War was really the Third World War, or at least it became the Third World War when Reagan came to office and put the spurs to the Military-Industrial Complex. So, if Gorbachev will admit defeat in World War 3, I’ll give him a stalemate in the Cold War. Otherwise? BAH!

I’d say we need to change all the history books to include the lesson that no one beat the Soviet Empire, but I’m afraid that this sort of thinking is already in most school books.


  1. Its True no body wins at war Nobody just like now in Iraq the US of A is not winning cause they are losing troops while yes they are handing Iraq’s asses to them most of time. Even though the US of A is still gettin there asses handed to them at least once a week. i hear on the news at least once a week 18 US soilders killed in Kabala 7 Ambushed in Kabul. No one wins in war every one loses

  2. So the American Revolution shouldn’t have been fought since ‘everyone loses’? What would that have done to the past 200 years? How about the US Civil War? The US of A should have just let the South go? That’s pretty bold of you to suggest that that war was senseless or pointless. A few black folks might not completely agree with your position. World War 2? Everyone lost that one, too? Again, there a few folks here and there that probably won’t agree. I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t suffer loss in a war. I’m not saying that war is loss-less. I’m saying that things can also be won with war, and that sometimes it’s worth it. We can argue and debate the justification for wars past and present. We can discuss whether the cost of war is worth it in particular cases. But I reject the idea that all war is senseless. I reject the idea that everyone always loses. And I certainly reject the idea that the Cold War ended because the Soviets suddenly decided, on their own without prodding from Reagan or the rest of the West, to be nice and simply collapse in place.

  3. Robo-serb: ‘Its True no body wins at war Nobody just like now in Iraq the US of A is not winning cause they are losing troops while yes they are handing Iraq’s asses to them most of time.’ Clever. You have cleverly defined ‘winning’ in such a way as to make it impossible. By your arguments, the Japanese didn’t ‘win’ the battle of Pearl Harbor because they lost more than zero pilots in the attack. In no situation will you be able to absolutely and utterly control the situation, short of a genocide-style ‘cleansing’ of the battlefield. Otherwise, there will always be some sort of opposition. If you are going to insist that anyone that loses anything in the prosecution of a war as ‘losing’, then I guess the rest of us will have to find some way to go on with life, knowing you thought everyone has ‘lost’ every battle ever fought. It’ll be tough, but I think we can do it.

  4. Oh, I think the 10 trillion (or whatever) was well spent. We turned the Vietnam-era military around and transformed it. We have weapons that work–and win (unlike former Soviet weapons that creak along and break down). We have an all-volunteer army (vs. a conscript army with deserters, people who turn anti-freeze into drinks, etc.). Sounds like a winner to me, Mr. G.