Michigan Absentee Ballot

Bill Hobbs points us to a HundredPercenter post showing improprieties in the Michigan Absentee ballot for the 93rd district.


Click for bigger version. Here is a lower-quality scan of more of the ballot for comparison linked at MetaFilter.

Note that Bush/Cheney has no arrow next to it, and that there is an extra arrow below the list.

I don’t get it.

Is this to confuse people who want to vote for Bush and make it difficult to do so? What if you just draw in your own arrow next to Bush? Is the ballot legal?

Is this to make people who think they are voting for Kerry mark the arrow that will count for Bush instead? Kerry voters will naturally mark the arrow next to Kerry’s name, but how will that be counted?

Or does one side or the other think that absentee ballots are going to heavily favor the other side, and this is an attempt to have them ALL disqualified? The 93rd district appears to be heavily Republican, so I wouldn’t expect the GOP to be trying to toss out all the ballots. But George Bush is the most cunning, diabolical, Machiavellian dumb chimp ever encoutnered, so who knows?


Is this even a scan of a real Michigan Absentee ballot?

If this is indeed the ballot, it does appear to be an almost-believable error from the printer, as all the arrows seem to be knocked down one space. Whether an honest mistake or not, is there still time to correct the error?

Or is this a case of the pajama people getting hoaxed?

UPDATE: A PDF of the Clinton County (part of the 93rd District) absentee ballot does not show this irregularity. I don’t know if that means the printed ballots are correct or not. Or if maybe they WERE wrong and have since been fixed. The images above certainly appear to be scans of actual paper. Whether or not they are scans of actual paper ballots remians to be seen.