UPDATE: Michigan Absentee Ballot

On Monday I posted about the screwed up absentee ballots for a part of Michigan.

Although I’ve seen no definitive answer, it appears that the erroneous ballots were real, but that only one single precinct totally 69 ballots was affected. The problem was due to an error at the printer, and replacement ballots were due in on October 4th (the same day I posted about it).

Here is a purported email response from the Michigan Department of State regarding this issue:

Greetings: This is in response to your recent email inquiry.

The ballot printing error is confined to a single precinct in Michigan. A very limited number of absentee ballots containing the error were released before the error was spotted as explained below.

On Monday, September 27, the clerk of the City of Alma, gratiot County, received her ballots from her printer and filled her AV ballot requests.

On Tuesday, a voter called the clerk to advise that she had spotted a printing error. The error: the arrows corresponding to the presidential candidates were shifted down one position. As a result, there is no arrow pointing to Bush/Cheney — and there is an extra arrow hanging off the bottom of the list. (The extra arrow points to the heading for the U.S. House race).

The error is confined to one precinct (Precinct #1) in the City of Alma. The clerk further advised that the ballot containing the error was sent to a total of 69 voters.

After learning of the error, the clerk contacted the printer and the Bureau of Elections. Arrangements have been made to reissue replacement ballots to the 69 voters as soon as corrected ballots can be obtained. The printer has advised the clerk to expect delivery on Monday, October 4.

Thank you for writing. Please do not hesitate to call this office if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Michigan Department of State

I’ve seen the exact same message on several sites sent to different people who contacted officials about it.

I’m considering this to be nothing more than an honest mistake and accepting their word that it is being corrected quickly. If anyone else has different info, let me know.