Tsunami: How to help

Kevin at Wizbang tipped me off to a GREAT idea.

NZ Bear has created an ad on his Blogads adstrip pointing to the Command Post’s post with tons of organizations accepting donations specifically to aid the tsunami victims. This is what I consider to be a brilliant idea.

I’ve created an ad on my new Top Slot adstrip (even though it’s not on the top yet) pointing to the post. Check it out and donate if you feel the urge.

The pic I used in the ad is part of a photo found via Frank Warner. There are more (no graphic death pics) from the same photographer available here.

UPDATE: Instapundit points out the same photo collection and also points out that these might not be from this tsunami or that they might not even be tsunami photos at all. One of the images (not the one I used in my ad) apparently turned up previously. I will try to keep an eye on this, and if the image collection I pulled my ad photo from turns out to be less than it claims to be, I’ll change my ad.