The US military and tsunami aid

Many peoples and governments have contributed time and money to help the victims of the terrible tsunami. Just last night, celebrities of all types ran a televised fund-raiser for the American Red Cross International Response Fund.

But often overlooked, in my humble opinion, has been the contribution of the United States military in distributing food and water, coordinating relief work, providing medical aid, and supplying a large chunk of the transportation and construction capability so far in the devastated region.

So I’ve put together a little video that I hope expresses my admiration for what our military has done in the area. It consists of images collected from various places on the internet and includes background music that might be familiar.

Download the 6:17 video:
Small (240×180) 2.0 MB
Medium (320×240) 6.6 MB

UPDATE: These seem to play just fine using Windows Media Player 10. All earlier versions seem to have trouble, even if you go through all the trouble to download codecs and whatnot. The videos were created using MS Photo Story 3. Not sure why there’s a problem. Be warned. My apologies.

I’m certainly no Steven Spielberg. But let me know what you think.

UPDATE: I’m having trouble getting this to work with my hotlink protection.

If you are going to link to this please link to this post, not the video file itself. I don’t mind if you download the video and post it yourself or email it around.

And does anyone know why hotlink protecting .wmv files with cPanel would prevent them from being downloaded even from my own site? UPDATE: You can’t hotlink protect .wmv files using cPanel.


  1. What did you use to create this video? I am getting ‘Codec not supported’ as the reason I can not download it. If you advise what method used to create, perhaps I can locate the codec. Thanks

  2. FastNed: I used Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 to create the video. It seems to work with Media Player 9 and 10, at least. That’s all I had available to test with. There is also a problem with my host/hotlink protection that I can’t seem to figure out. Some people can download it, I know. But that codec error also seems to come up when the hotlink protection prevents a download. Tech support is looking into it. Sorry for the trouble. Try again later, I guess.