“That’s a keeper, Smash”

We’re Sorry

Citizen Smash points out the fallacy of the “American Superman” mentality.

Funny, but it seems to be mostly non-Americans who think American thinks it’s Superman.

I can’t excerpt. This is a definite Read The Whole Thing. It’s nothing new to MO readers, but it’s stated clearly and succinctly which, errr, isn’t always the case here.

The usual “but since we’ve made mistakes in the past we’re making a mistake this time” and “but since we’re ignoring others in need of help, what gives us the right to help anywhere?” arguments predictably surface in the comments.

A few weeks before the invasion of Iraq I was told no matter what we did or how it went it would be wrong, since Iraq was a “sovereign nation” and we had no right to interfere. And a few weeks (maybe a couple of months) after the invasion of Iraq I was told that things were really changing in the world and how did we know that Saddam would still even be in power if we just would have let Iraqis deal with it themselves.

And does food and water delivered to tsunami victims count as “interference”? (via Instapundit)