Friday Linkzookery – 07/29/2005

Rotomotion UAVs

Navy using software from older ships in DD(X) program

Boeing lobbyist faces inquiry

HK M416/M418

How long inkjet-printed photos last depends on who you ask, experts say

Property Rights Advocates Brace for Another Betrayal

Truth is the First Civilian Casualty

Iran To Resume Nuclear Conversion, Khatami Tells EU

One Person’s Terrorist…

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Ill-equipped soldiers use excess force

Defense Department Special Briefing on Announcement of New Locations for The Active Duty Army’s Modular Brigade Combat Teams

Joe Buff: Littoral Sub Ops

How to Stop the Contagion


  1. Well, since I want my photos to last, I bought an Epson 2100 (2200 in the US) which uses pigments rather than inks. They say when you use their pigments and paper it will last 75 years. The research they have undertaken seems fairly valid. The 1280 is, I believe, a smaller, cheaper version (I like to print at A3 and 13’x19′ sizes). I heartily recommend these printers if you can afford them. I’m happy with the results, and I’m very picky. If they last 75 years as advertised (when framed) I shall be happy 🙂 The 2400 is out now, and it’s supposedly slight better. If you want high-gloss, get the 2400 since it has less posterisation. Oh, and my 2100 is fairly economical, ink-wise. I spend far more on paper than I do on ink…

  2. Gen. Chaves, who commands the Hawaii Army National Guard 29th Separate Infantry Brigade, said the answer was to equip soldiers with laser-guided 9 mm Beretta pistols. That way, a soldier could lase the person he wants to target before pulling the trigger.’ Please, if you are sitting in a turret with an M-2 heavy machine gun and someone is shooting at you, are these people seriously claiming you’d pull out a 9mm pistol and take pot shots at them? Are they going to hold still while you lase them? What if they’re wearing a flak jacket or some other piece of protective clothing? What if they’re hiding behind an obstacle? OK, I’m no soldier, maybe we can hear from someone who is.. but I’m thinking I’d take a second to aim somewhat carefully and fire off a few rounds from the M2 rather than reaching for any pistol, or even an M-16 in many of those circumstances.

  3. I really can’t believe this. Without going into detail, I work on the roads outside BIAP. Every humvee there seems to have an M4 in the turret-as they are often used to simply scare away traffic or a SAW attached to a pintle as a back up weapon. Lots of folks bring shotguns as well, the spund and flash from a shotgun will stop traffic from a distance. Alot of trucks keep a small laser pointer to deter folks from getting crazy anyway. Pistols would be great-but not for turret work. This is just plain silly. Max

  4. a simpler solution to the ‘too much power’ problem might be to build in or attatch a small arm to the weapon itself, like a couple MetalStorm tubes. That way you don’t have to fumble around for a second weapon.

  5. Sam, yes I was thinking the same thing. Why not put a laser sight on the turret weapon and add a small coaxial weapon like a 5.56mm? That way you have greater accuracy and a choice of destructiveness without making those options so much more difficult to use. Pistols are fine when dismounted but not inside a vehicle I think.