Is this for real?

This is the winning design for the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania overlaid with a familiar design.


It doesn’t seem possible to me that this is true. Was yesterday September 11th or April 1st?

More here. Via Michelle Malkin, who has much more.

If the project immediately (as in, before noon today) announces that the design has been rejected, I’ll be willing to listen to claims that it was an honest mistake. I don’t know that I’ll believe them, but I’ll listen. If the design is not immediately rejected, I’ll have no choice but to believe that this was an intentional thing. And fight it.


  1. It’s just a coincidence. And the name, well they just meant arc or semi circle. It’s all good. They would have used a cross, but it would have looked too much like crosshairs or an ‘x’ from above, you see. So they had to go with the crescent, there was no other option. Reading the statements from the architect, it seems unlikely that it is anything other than some jackass trying to slip something offensive past the stupid rednecks. They’ll never notice! Thank God Al Gore invented the internet, or this would have gone right through…

  2. They know they won’t get away with it, not like they did with the Vietnam Memorial. But this gives them a chance to give America ‘The Finger’. That they will get away with, unfortunately.

  3. Opie and Anthony actually talked about it this morning on XM Radio and trashed the design. Anthony actually repeated a line from – ‘What next – a holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?’ He also asked what the rejected designs were like – ‘A big turban? A statue of Mohammed Atta?’ Ironically, the architect was Paul Murdoch.