“A plane that crashed”

CO Rep’s ‘Crescent’ Comments a Ploy to Gain Publicity

A press release from the Council on American-Islamic Relations about the flight 93 Memorial controversy begins:

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/13/05) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today dismissed Rep. Tom Tancredo’s (R-CO) comments on the design of a memorial to those aboard a plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 as a cynical political ploy designed to gain national attention.

“A plane that crashed.”

Let me repeat that.

“A plane that crashed.”

That speaks for itself.


  1. I wanted to make a comment, but I’m having the computer equivalent of being unable to respond due to the inability to pick my jaw up from the floor.

  2. So, has anyone asked CAIR if they have any info on *why* the plane crashed? I know the government is really big on figuring these things out so perhaps if the CAIR folks don’t know there’s a government report or somesuch they can be pointed to. Let’s see, what could it have been that caused that plane to crash? Wind shear maybe? No, I don’t think that was it. I’m *sure* I heard something somewhere about what made that plane crash, but I may be mixing it up with some other planes that crashed on September 11th, 2001. Or was it that they all had the same problem? Faugh. And they wonder why people get worked up into ‘Kill ’em all and let Allah sort ’em out!’ moods.

  3. Where Shall I start….. ‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ How about we call them, ‘Islamic American Propoganda Front’. dedicated to ‘normalizing’ the Islamic message, and ‘adapting’ the ‘convert to islam or die’ message to ‘why cant we all just get along’ (thanks Jack nicholson for that quote). I cant say Im flabagasted by this statement, Maybi Im just used to the masses getting overidden by the Mambepambe leftist leaning democratic party types inforcing the will of the few on the silent majority. Heres to Bush nominating a fire breathing conservative minority woman for the other supreme cort post !

  4. Opie and Anthony actually talked about it this morning on XM Radio and trashed the design. Anthony repeated a line from Michellemalkin.com – ‘What next – a holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?’ He also asked what the rejected designs were like – ‘A big turban? A statue of Mohammed Atta?’ Ironically, the architect was Paul Murdoch.

  5. well if you read the link…most people sadly don’t… you would see 1st: ‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today dismissed Rep. Tom Tancredo’s (R-CO) comments on the design of a memorial to those aboard a plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 as a cynical political ploy designed to gain national attention.’ So the do provide the context that it isn’t an ordinary plane crash. also: ‘(The crescent itself has no religious significance in Islam, but is commonly associated with that faith.)’ As noted elsewhere on MO, a Crescent form is not the sole intellectual property of Islam, but is a regular feature in many faiths and artistic features. Architecturally, it is a useful way of presenting a large memorial. The architect in question rejects the notion that this design sneaks in Islam. Given that politicians are basically attention getting machines, it is entirely possibly that Tancredo is guily as charged.

  6. Sam: I quoted that entire first paragraph that you noted, including the context that the ‘crash’ was on 9/11. That simply isn’t a very honest way of portraying the destruction of the plane and the death of the people on board, and you know it. How about a press release by the USAF about the fact that Hiroshima ‘burned down in 1945’? (Not that I’m comparing Hiroshima and 9/11…) It’s entirely possible that the crecsent had nothing to do with Islam and that that orientation toward Mecca was coincidental. Let’s just see the list of all the other non-Islamic monuments shaped like crescents pointing toward Mecca and we’ll judge for ourselves. As for the architect rejecting the claims…what would we expect him to say? My posistion isn’t that this was some sort of conspiracy. My position is that it looks bad and that they had better change their minds damn quick because it does. The longer they take, the worse it looks.

  7. I cant wait to hear CAIR’s opinions about the World Trade Center memorial. You know, those two buildings in New York that collapsed on Sept. 11.

  8. Murdoc, In your view, ‘A plane that crashed.’ sounds really disrespectful. Note that you changed the original snippet into a stand alone sentence. Your semantics, not theirs. In another, ‘…a plane that crashed in Pennsylvannia on 9/11…’, sounds like this one crash is being distinuished from the three other crashes which happened that day. Now as to the direction of the crescent, http://www.zombietime.com/flight_93_memorial_project/mz936ie.jpg It occurs to me first that in order to get the crescent to look like the islamic crescent, one had to turn it first. In this aspect I cry BS; it’s like taking the pentagrams on the American flag, turning the flag slightly, and screaming ‘Oh Noes! SATAN!!!!’ And then the alleged ‘orientation’ is acquired by first making a line from the ‘endpoints’, and then forcing a second perpendicular line extend thousands of miles away. I could just as easily say that the ‘line’ points to New Foundland, since it is closer, or France, or Egypt, or Somalia, or Mexico if we go full circle. Also, those ‘endpoints’ are a bit off balance if you closely, meaning those lines are are extra arbitrary. ‘…what would we expect him to say?’ We would expoect the architect to give his own opinion. If he is lying, then -good- evidence needs to be brought forth, not guesses, manipulations, and innuendo. And yeah the project as is has been successfully painted as ‘bad’…and the MSM is happy and paid.

  9. Its a big honkin’ red crescent… and it does not take any imagination to ‘orient’ it, or parse it. I’m appalled the design ever got this far, and I think the comments previous to mine show that it IS the equivalent of making a holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastica… Jeers to the designers, and the NPS for even proposing to approve it. Heres the link to the NPS website that shows the artists rendering. http://www.flight93memorialproject.org/

  10. Thank God there is still a Reaganite in the GOP. Most of them went liberal with the President this year. Tom wants to win the War on Terror and it seems he may win this battle. Too bad the rest of the party pays lip service to the War and nothing more. When did Kerry take over the GOP?