If today’s media covered yesterday’s battles

From Strategy Page:

Midway Island Demolished. Yorktown, destroyer sunk
Many US planes lost

June 7, 1942
The United States Navy suffered another blow in its attempt to stem the Japanese juggernaut ravaging the Pacific Ocean. Midway Island, perhaps the most vital U.S. outpost, was pummeled by Japanese Naval aviators. The defending U.S. forces, consisting primarily of antique Buffalo fighters, were completely wiped out while the Japanese attackers suffered few, if any, losses.

In a nearby naval confrontation, the Japanese successfully attacked the Yorktown which was later sunk by a Japanese submarine. A destroyer lashed to the Yorktown was also sunk.

American forces claim to have sunk four Japanese carriers and the cruiser Mogami but those claims were vehemently denied by the Emporer’s spokesman.

The American carriers lost an entire squadron of torpedo planes when they failed to link up with fighter escorts. The dive bombers had fighter escort even though they weren’t engaged by enemy fighters. The War Dept. refused to answer when asked why the fighters were assigned to the wrong attack groups. The Hornet lost a large number of planes when they couldn’t locate the enemy task force. Despite this cavalcade of errors, Admirals Fletcher and Spruance have not been removed.

Code Broken
The failure at Midway is even more disheartening because the U.S. Navy knew the Japanese were coming. Secret documents provided to the NY Times showed that “Magic” intercepts showed the Japanese planned to attack Midway, which they called “AF”.

Obsolete Equipment
Some critics blamed the failure at Midway on the use of obsolete aircraft. The inappropriately named Devastator torpedo planes proved no match for the Japanese fighters. Even the Avengers, its scheduled replacements, were riddled with bullets and rendered unflyable. Secretary of War Stimson dodged the question saying simply: “You go to war with the Navy you have, not the Navy you want or would like to have“. Critics immediately called for his resignation.


  1. Too Funny. Funny, But sad that its whats happening to the story in Iraq right now. I guess the Mainsteam media has massively slid to the left over the last 60 years to the point that they are blind in thier right eye 🙁

  2. I especially like the media giving away a stratigic advatage about us breakin the Japaneese code. with all of the Valeria Plame CIA leak stuff (which I am of the thinking that thier should be no anonymous sources and that leak of top secret info should be considered treason) but to get to the point I cant help but remember the breaking of how the NSA had taps on all cell phones killing a crusial advantage that may have adverted 9-11, senators on the defence commitee leaking the ‘stealth Satalite’ capability we were developing (by the way they are still on the freekin committee errrrrr) I can go on and on. The reporters that report such should be prosecuted for treason (they should know better or be trained to know better or the editors should) as well as the sources of the info. No if ands or buts no matter who or how high up they are or go. Classified info or intel or process of gaining the above, leaks of such should be treason and punished to advert such in the future.

  3. You seemed to have forgotten that the ones who opposed the US involvement in WWII were the republicans who attacked FDR through out the war. It was the republicans who accussed FDR of knowing that the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor so the US could in the war through the back door.

  4. Code Broken The failure at Midway is even more disheartening because the U.S. Navy knew the Japanese were coming. Secret documents provided to the NY Times showed that ‘Magic’ intercepts showed the Japanese planned to attack Midway, which they called ‘AF’. >>The truth is that the story was actually printed by the Chicago Tribune after Pearl harbor. Its editor COL McCormick was a staunch Repulican who hated FDRs gut e

  5. One other thing. Magic was the name given to the Japanese diplomatic codes. The codes broken at Midway were the Japanese Fleet Code (an encoded cypher actually), called JN-25.

  6. Torcik: A) I haven’t forgotten. But I’m not sure what that has to do with this story or post. B) I didn’t know that any stories on the broken Japanese codes were run after Pearl Harbor. That’s shameful and unpatriotic if true, which I have no reason to doubt. Where can I read a bit more on this? (I’m not doubting you…just looking for more info. If I was doubting you I’d say so. Like I usually do. LOL.)

  7. Oh, and RE: Magic vs. JN-25. The ‘story’ says that the New York Times says it was ‘Magic’. Maybe an oversight on the part of the ‘story’ writer. Maybe a clever dig at a paper which is sometimes factually-challenged. In either case, it doesn’t discount the point of the ‘story’…

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