Pics of the Oriskany sinking – UPDATED!

At the extreme right of this pic is what appears to be the explosives control boat which was to float free as the carrier sank.

Click each for a better look. Bigger versions at Navy News Stand here and here.

Previous MO coverage here and here.

UPDATE: CBS has raw video. Incredible.


Via Clip Blast.


As usual, click on each for a better look. For gigantic versions of these and more, keep tabs on Navy News Stand’s photo gallery.

UPDATE 3: Good background post at Pensacola Beach Blog.

UPDATE 4: The Pensacola NewsJournal site has a good gallery, some from the Navy (and seen here on MO) and some new ones. Murdoc likes this one:

UPDATE 5: More, including a You Tube tribute video to the Oriskany’s career.