Still X-Ray after all these years…

What’s wrong with this picture?


The pic accompanying today’s Yahoo! headline is of Camp X-Ray, the temporary internment facility hurriedly built after 9/11 until the permanent facilites at Guantanamo Bay could be constructed. Camp X-Ray closed in April of 2002. Most Gitmo stories in Legcy Media choose to use Camp X-Ray images when discussing the current facilities. Probably just an oversight, right?

For more recent images of Camp X-ray, see this post.


Prisoners wielding fans, light fixtures and other improvised weapons clashed with guards trying to stop a detainee from committing suicide at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, the military said Friday.

The clash occurred Thursday in a medium-security section of the camp as guards were responding to the fourth attempted suicide that day at the detention center on a U.S. Navy base in Cuba, said Cmdr. Robert Durand.

Part of Murdoc would be happy to let the suiciders continue mission. It’s a small part, to be sure, but that could change if our men suffer any casualties putting down the unrest.

UPDATE: Forgot to ask this: Is this UN panel report the one written by the panel that declined the invitation to visit Guantanamo Bay at all? I’m not sure.