‘The War Tapes’

I’ve mentioned this film before, and that I met director Deborah Scranton and Specialist Mike Moriarty, one of the soldiers who helped film ‘The War Tapes’, at this spring’s MilBlog Conference.

Here’s some MSNBC.com coverage of the film:

‘The War Tapes’ is soldier’s-eye view of Iraq
Director guided troops with cameras via e-mail and instant messaging

The movie was the brainchild of director Deborah Scranton of Goshen, who got an offer to embed with a Manchester-based company of the 172nd Mountain Infantry Regiment, thanks to a previous documentary she had made about World War II veterans from New Hampshire.

Instead, she persuaded 10 guardsmen in Charlie Company of the 3rd Battalion to take cameras to Iraq and film, while she guided and encouraged them via e-mail and instant messaging. Scranton believes it is the first film directed over the Internet.

Five guardsmen stuck with the project from March 2004 to February 2005, mounting the cameras on their Humvees or interviewing other guardsmen. Several others also contributed footage.

I hope to be able to check this out. So far, West Michigan hasn’t made the list. For more info, see The War Tapes web page.


  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout Murdoc, we really appreciate it! Each and every one of us can make a difference in these soldiers’ voices and stories being heard by spreading the word. We are adding screenings almost everyday to our website (thewartapes.com), and I know there are a few screening dates in Michigan towards the end of September. Thanks again for your support! all the best, Deborah Scranton, Director THE WAR TAPES