Two WW2-era Coast Guard ships nearing the end of their service

From Iwo Jima to Icy Strait, the long, colorful history of the Acushnet

Ketchikan, Alaska:

The Ketchikan based cutter Acushnet celebrates its 60th birthday in the US Coast Guard this week, but it faces an uncertain future.

The Coast Guard is doing an environmental assessment on both the 62-year-old Acushnet and the 63-year-old Kodiak based cutter Storis. It hopes to decide in the next few months whether the ships should be surplused and whether or not other ships will be home-ported in Ketchikan and Kodiak to replace them.

The story of the Acushnet is simply amazing. Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Helped save the battleship USS Pennsylvania when the old lady was torpedoed two days before the end of the war. Daring rescues off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. The Mariel boat lift off of Cuba, including brinksmanship with Cuban gunboats intent on forcing an international incident. Then service on the Pacific coast and in Alaska.

Too much good stuff to excerpt. Go read.

Did they build ships back in those days, or what?