Anti-fire tank

Text in the video:

“The Hungarians replaced the turret from an old Russian tank with 2 turbines from a Mig 21. Water is injected in the exhaust, they throttle up and distinguish the fire.”

I think that’s supposed to be “extinguish”, actually. But we knew what they meant.

And here are some non-tank versions. But what fun is that?

Via Gizmodo and High T3ch, and YouTube.


  1. Makes sense. The concept though was first used by the old/new/still there maybe, Soviets. If memory serves it was a single turbine mounted on a T54/55 chasis. It was intended as a method for rapid decon of armored vehicles back in the 60’s (sigh, I’ll be up all night now trying to remember the stupid nomenclature for it).

  2. That is awesome. I want one. That might be of use to some of those companies that put out well fires that take so long to put out.

  3. JD- TMS-65 Decontamination vehicle. A modified turbojet engine mounted on a Ural-375, using heat and water or decontamination fluid to decontaminate a tank in one to three minutes. It can also be used to generate smoke. from Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army, D. Isby, Janes Publishing, 1981. I also have the DIA’s companion piece to this particular referrence.

  4. I cannot d/l the video behind a firewall, but as I recall, that tank (or one like it) was on display at the 1994 German Firefighting convention ‘Interschutz, der Rote Hahn’ at the Hannover Messe in Germany. I was an interested volunteer (freiwillig) fireman back in those days, they had some neat equipment at that enormous convention. The tank on display there was used to extinguish oil well fires, i believe it was used in Kuwait Only shows there is nothing new under the sun