Lansing to DC on two wheels and no motor

Here’s an effort worth watching:

August 11th 2007 Robert Pedersen and Rob Mackenzie will start their over 600 mile bicycle trek from the Lansing Capitol to Washington, D.C.. This will be an intense multi-day bike trek through numerous states ending in Washington, D.C. where they will be greeted by thousands of people attending the national rally in Washington, D.C. on August the 18th.

It is simply amazing that two fathers are going to attempt this trip all in the name and support of shared parenting! They do this to protect a child’s right to EQUAL time with BOTH fit parents! Many elected officials and supporters will see the riders off at the Lansing Capitol and thousands will greet them in Washington, D.C.

More background info here. There will be a website that allows us to watch their progress via real-time GPS, plus photos and more. If you feel strongly about this cause, you might want to consider volunteering.

They’re also looking for sponsors.