A long time ago…


30 years ago today, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars was released.

This is my favorite poster from what was for a long time my favorite movie.

I think it’s hard to overstate the effect that this film has had on our culture, and, though the later films do not quite stack up to the first two, I think it’s safe to say that the effects will be felt for a long, long time.

There will be a bunch of Star Wars links in today’s Linkzookery, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, angle the deflector shield while I make the calculations for the jump to light speed…


  1. 30 years ago…front row seats…remember it like it was yesterday. May the force be with you…

  2. Hehe, my dad took me to see it when I was 6 months old. Always have been and always will be a fan. Of course, since Firefly and the tragady of the ‘Prequals’ I am just a touch more of a ‘Browncoat’ But thats another story.

  3. Ahh Star Wars, the memories begin to flow. So I’m dating myself. My High School graduation recesion music was the theme of awards presentation at the end of the Star Wars IV. How about this one, the first time I saw SW, was at a drive-in, and both my date and I only saw the intro, the rest was fogged up windows haze.