On the road

Murdoc’s hitting the road, though the wonders of modern technology will still allow him to share his opinion with those entitled to it (everyone).

I’ve decided to go light with the reading material this trip, and two old slim scifi novels are all I’m planning to dig into. When I was younger I really enjoyed the 150-200 page SF read, particularly those from the late 50s and the 60s. Sure, a lot of the science has since been invalidated, but there’s just something there, some spirit and excitement, that always made me eager to read more.

The local library had some paperbacks to clear out. They were in good shape, unused by the library, and I suspect that they might be donations from someone that the library decided they couldn’t really use. Anyway, they were fifty cents each and I picked up a bunch. Here are the two that I’m taking with:


Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison and Mutiny in Space by Avram Davidson. Harrison, of course, I’ve heard of and read before. Avram Davidson, not so much.


  1. Murdoc, Have a real nice vacation. Relax, read and chill out. Most of all, if you’re driving, keep alert for the wackos on the road and stay SAFE!.

  2. What other books did you get? Finding those old books is getting harder – the used bookstores are mostly carrying stuff no older than the eighties. Those look a decade or maybe a bit more older than that.

  3. I think Planet of the Damned was part of a series although, I could be thinking of another group of his books.

  4. Avram Davidson… there’s a name that rings some bells but doesn’t attach itself to any huge titles. Perhaps he edited a lot of anthologies.

  5. I don’t read much Sci-Fi, but one book I read about 20 years ago stuck with me, and I can’t remember its author, only its title. It was called ‘On The Run’, and it was about a future society made up of 2 classes, the stabs(stabilities) and unstabs(unstabilites), each with a subset of 3 classes in descending. i.e, to be a level 3 unstab would put you at the bottom of the heap. Great scenarios about intercontinental travel by ballistic missiles and so forth. I’ve never been able to find that title at any library or on Amazon. Must be out of print.

  6. (after some Googling) Wow, Davidson was prolific in short stories if nothing else. Turns out he also edited several ‘best sci-fi of the year’ anthologies, which is why I twigged to his name. I recognize the title of some of his short stories, but I know bugger-all about his novels. Do be so kind as to let us know what you think of them while you’re relaxing. I do so love vintage stuff of that sort.