Friday Linkzookery – 25 Jul 2008

Iraq banned from Beijing Olympics
For “unacceptable government interference” with Iraq’s panel.

Militants blow up girls school in Pakistan
In Swat, which saw the government reach a treaty with the militants earlier this year. How’s that working out?

Fact-checking Barack Obama on climate change
Barack Obama is just wrong. Sea levels have been declining, not rising, for the last two years.

Iran Starts Production of Stealth Fighter Jets
They’re also building “Quick reaction” tanks to repel invaders. It’s true. Just ask them.

Why the Press Is Ignoring the Edwards “Love Child” Story
Well, we know it isn’t because of any sort of bias or anything.

LAT Gags Blogs: Editors ban discussion of Edwards love-child charges
The LA Times has “decided not to cover the rumors or salacious speculations.”

Old Reliable Keeps Flying
India upgrading 68 of its Jaguars.

Gun owners show their metal: About 40 stroll for 2nd Amendment
If I had known about this I might have joined. The article points out that they were “mostly white men.”

NASA engineers design maverick moon rocket
Dissenting scientists say rocket would be safer, cheaper and easier to build.

Fob Guns in the UK
Small flare guns modified to fire .25 caliber bullets.

Beetlemania: How a tiny bug is ravaging Colorado’s forests
We saw the damage last year in Rocky Mountain National Park. When that fire starts, it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Spooky Dumps 30mm
Apparently, the switch to 30mm from 25mm and 40mm in the gunships is off.

North Korea’s “Hotel of Doom”
Ryugyong Hotel is under construction again.

Again with the damn Sage Grouse
Trying to expand limitations by 800%.

Rough June for newspapers portends bleak future
Accelerating decline in ad revenue leaves newspaper publishers predicting still more bad news

First look at new Russian/European spacecraft
Making Constellation look good?

Qatar’s 2 C-17s Continues Trickle of Orders
Boeing trying to get its foot in the Middle East lift market.

Review of The Andromeda Strain (1971)
Murdoc hasn’t seen the recent remake, but he sure likes the original.

A Six-Legged Deer Discovered After Attack
Poor thing.

Kinda cool.

Danica Patrick vs. Milka Duno Catfight Video
“It’s Not My Fault You’re Slow!”

Friday Gunzookery
More links at Gun Pundit


  1. 57 engineers do not, volunteer their ‘free time’ on a project that competes with their day job unless they are dammed sure, that its better. On that basis alone I in favor of the Jupiter design. Besides the Ares concept is flawed, personally solid rockets scare me. In many cases they are needed, but I like having the ability to regulate and shut down my engines. Besides solid rockets tend to be a one use pony. Not to mention that new full flow staged cycle engines are showing some real promise.

  2. I’m no rocket scientist, but I’ve never bought the Ares concept. Even as a kid during the development of the Space Shuttle, I recall the worry that many had over the use of solid rocket boosters on a manned vehicle. They’ve performed well. Except for that one time. Other missions have reported close to burning through, as well, though I believe they’ve addressed the known deficiencies. SRBs are more easily re-used than liquid-powered rockets after a dunking in the ocean, so they help the ‘re-usable’ theme. But they haven’t been nearly as cheap as expected, even if you discount the cost of replacing one orbiter, crew, and payload. Why you’d want to rely on them, particularly an elongated version which wrecks the original design’s burn scheme, for the entirety of your manned spaceflight program is beyond me.

  3. Comments have been tits-up for a while. Glad to see they are back. I had some keen insights you folks missed out on.

  4. The comments come and go as my host pleases. Also, the front page with no entries (just a NEXT PAGE) is the result of errors trying to post a comment. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I hope to work on this this week.

  5. ‘Beetlemania: How a tiny bug is ravaging Colorado’s forests’ We saw the damage last year in Rocky Mountain National Park. When that fire starts, it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. According to Obama’s crew it’s a Republican plot. Those beetles were dropped from C-130 aircraft into the forest by the C.I.A. Once the trees are gone the animals will die or move on. Then there’ll be NO excuse NOT to drill for oil!

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