Veterans Day



Here’s a screenshot of today’s front page at

Korean War Veteran\'s Memorial on

Korean War Veteran's Memorial on

The new front page at features images that include hotspots with links to related content if you hover over them.

UPDATE 2: Also see America’s War Stories In Honor of Veterans Day at Smithsonian Channel.


  1. Here’s to us and those like us.

    Welcome Home and thank you for your service.

    -Jeff B.

    United States Air Force

    AFSC 202X1 Radio Communications Analyst/Security Specialist
    AFSC 1N4X1 Signals Intelligence Analyst

    Electronic Security Command
    Air Force Intelligence Command
    Air Intelligence Agency

    6920th ESG Misawa AB, Japan 1984 – 1986
    6903rd ESG Osan AB, Korea 1986 – 1987
    6922nd ESS Clark AB, Philippines 1987 – 1991
    6948th ESS Kelly AFB, Texas 1991 – 1994
    6975th ESS(P) Riyadh AB, Saudi Arabia Two, 90 Deployments

  2. The entire free world owes an unrepayable debt to those who serve in our military (and the militaries of other nations that have stood with us for freedom), past and present.

    Thank you.

  3. Sorry about my tardiness to this topic.

    I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all the vets who’ve served over the decades (and still are by God!) for giving us one of the best centuries (20th) any culture has ever had, and trying their darndest to make this one likewise! May you and yours have a great day and coming year!

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