Another Rooskie Carrier

This one is now India’s: Russian Carrier Conversion Moves Forward

A former Russian aircraft carrier under conversion for India is afloat again after three years in drydock.

The former Admiral Gorshkov was refloated on Dec. 4 at Sevmash’s northern Russia shipyard in Severodvinsk, Sevmash reported. The ship had been in drydock since December 2005.

Now known as the Vikramaditya, the ship is being refurbished for India’s Navy.

It was built as a modified Kiev-class ship with missile launchers and such on the forward deck, but the conversion will turn it into a full deck carrier with a ski-jump launch forward and the capability to land MiG-29Ks.

Here’s a Google shot of the carrier in drydock:

Admiral Gorshkov in Severodvinsk drydock

Admiral Gorshkov in Severodvinsk drydock

A while back there was some crazytalk that maybe the Indians would try to return the carrier and cancel the deal. In response, some were pushing the F-18 Super Hornet (with possibly the USS Kitty Hawk) instead of the MiGs.