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Where the 1st and 2nd Amendments Meet

Quote of the day over at View from the Porch:

Everyone who’s ever attended a gun show knows that you are guaranteed to find at least one table (and probably several) of genuine whackos: Neo-Nazis, conspiranoiacs, people who think space aliens assassinated Elvis with fluoridated water, that sort of thing. It’s just the eddies in the stream where the First and Second Amendments flow together. Frankly, a gun show without Nazis to mock would be like a gun show without beef jerky. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

As they say: “Indeed.”

Via Say Uncle.



  • Chad says:

    I’ve been to at least a dozen gun shows in my local area, never seen a neo-nazi at any of them. Some WWII memorabilia, but never anyone espousing those ideals. I’d like to see the basis for that claim.

  • Tam says:

    I’d like to see the basis for that claim.

    If you claim to have gone to gun shows and never seen any neo-nazis, troofers, fluoride conspiranoiacs, Birchers, or Aliens-shot-JFK types, then you must be Ray Charles or in a heretofore-unplumbed level of Condition White.

  • Tam says:

    PS: You haven’t seen One Single Copy of The Turner Diaries for sale?

    I call BS.

  • Murdoc says:

    If we’re talking loud and outrageous behavior, active recruiting, and open Hitler worship, then no, I haven’t seen a lot of that either. But I don’t think Tam’s talking about a Neo-Nazi parade at the gun show, she’s talking about the types of individuals most of us would consider to be a “little out there and not at all ashamed to admit it.”

    Assuming that’s who is meant, then the shows I’ve been to have plenty. Especially if you spend more than a few minutes in conversation with some of the outliers.

  • Murdoc says:

    FWIW, my guess is that Chad, Tam, and Murdoc are all considered “a little out there” by a lot of Americans…

  • Chase says:

    Indian princess collectible plates. Let’s not forget those.

    A looonnnngggg time ago I realized going to gun shows meant paying for admission, paying for parking, standing in line, trying to haggle down from a base 25% price increase back to something akin to retail, guys wiping out CMP stocks to set up tables with astronomically high prices, and then having to dodge the narzis along with all the other kooks.

    Gunshows became not worth my time in quick order.

  • jaymaster says:

    My favorite memory is from a gun show in NC a few years back.

    The local chapter of the KKK had a table selling ridiculously racist t-shirts and bumper stickers. And right beside them were three black guys selling rhinestone studded .25 semi-autos for $99. And they got along fine all weekend.

    That was an “only in America” sight to behold!

  • Murdoc says:

    jaymaster: That’s frikkin’ awesome.

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  • Chad says:

    Tam, I hate to tell you, but unless you are going to start calling libertarians Nazis(which is way off), then no, I haven’t. And no, I haven’t seen “the turner diaries”, but I haven’t checked every book on the shelf either. I go to gun shows to look for good deals on guns. I am only in condition white when I sleep if I can help it. There’s not much overt racism around here, where I come from we try to take people for what they’re worth, not what color their skin is.

  • Kristopher says:

    Try looking for them, Chad. You can bet the lef’tards will.

    In Portland, we generally have at least one quiet kook with a table full of bircher/conspiracy books, copies of the Turner diaries, howto manuals ( for everything from smoking toad skins to actual DoD DMs ) and Nazi memorabilia ( expensive Hitler youth knifes and similar crap ).

  • Kristopher says:

    Oh, and Chad, here ya go:


    ( I kid … I’m a small l libertarian myself … this site … the stupid … it burns …. )

  • jaymaster says:

    Yeah, I wish I had a cell phone camera back then.

  • GeekLethal says:

    A friend and I joke about the “ZOG guys”.

    I haven’t been to more than a few gun shows- as an earlier poster mentioned they’re pretty expensive and real deals are few and far between.

    But the handful I’ve been to first-hand had plenty of character, from regional militia groups to the guy selling CDs of marching songs of the Waffen-SS to, yes, the ZOG guys.

    But they’re typically in a distant corner and are easy to avoid/ignore.

    Although they are at least more entertaining than the people selling gnarled, rusty old bayonets.

  • Flanker says:

    Damn! I feel like a cultural wasteland………..I should get out more! LOL!

  • Kevin says:

    You guys need to stop mocking our alien overlords. Think of the children!

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