Rangers getting the SCAR

75th Rangers will take SCAR to war

Matthew Cox in Army Times:

About 600 members of the 75th Ranger Regiment will soon take the Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle into battle.

The 600 SCARs are the first of 1,800 that U.S. Special Operations Command began fielding in early April, SOCom spokeswoman Air Force Maj. Denise Boyd told Army Times.

SOCom chose the SCAR system — which consists of the 5.56mm MK16 and the 7.62mm MK17 — to replace weapons including the 5.56mm M4A1 carbine, made by Colt Defense LLC.

Murdoc shooting SCAR-L

Murdoc trying out the SCAR-L at the 2008 SHOT Show courtesy of FNH USA

We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see how these perform in action. Looks like the wait is almost over.


  1. So which caliber are the Rangers going to use?

    Is it just a more reliable M4/16 (nothing wrong with that) or a squad sharpshooter type weapon (M14 replacement)?

  2. My understanding is that they’re going to be getting both the 5.56 and the 7.62 versions. I do not know if the heavy is going to be just for designated marksmen-type roles or squad automatic weapon or in more general use, though.

  3. The SR-25 is a hell of a weapon, but still a direct gas impigiment system. Piston is the new wave now.

  4. improve the reliability of this rifle how about make in all titanium alloy of all the breakable parts like the bolts, bolts carrier, charging handle and the barrel and also the butt stocks and the upper receiver. For Mk16 it must be modular caliber 6.8SPC and 6.5 grendel

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