It’s for the Greater Good

Found at Random Nuclear Strikes:

On Thursday, May 14, 2009 I was notified that my Dodge franchise, that we purchased, will be taken away from my family on June 9, 2009 without compensation and given to another dealer at no cost to them. My new vehicle inventory consists of 125 vehicles with a financed balance of 3 million dollars. This inventory becomes impossible to sell with no factory incentives beyond June 9, 2009. Without the Dodge franchise we can no longer sell a new Dodge as “new,” nor will we be able to do any warranty service work. Additionally, my Dodge parts inventory, (approximately $300,000.) is virtually worthless without the ability to perform warranty service. There is no offer from Chrysler to buy back the vehicles or parts inventory.Our facility was recently totally renovated at Chrysler’s insistence, incurring a multi-million dollar debt in the form of a mortgage at Sun Trust Bank.

My guess is that there will lots more like this. Hope and Change, folks.


  1. That is change you can believe in !!!!

    If you voted for Obama you are getting what you deserve.

  2. What matters us that the U.S. government and the Unions get 75 cents back on the dollar. If everyone else ends up owing on their investment instead of getting a return, tough shit. I guess they need a better lobby in Washington.

    Its amazing how fast this has all turned. Its been a long time coming, but the end of the last and the beginning of this administration have put the whole process on steroids. Let the era of patronage and government distribution of tax dollars for political gain begin in earnest.

    I really am worried that the processes that helped make this country great are doomed. Where do we retreat to if this nation goes down the historical memory hole?

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