The tens of thousands

Like Xenophon leading the remnants of the Ten Thousand through barren, hostile territory, anti-US demonstrators marched today through the streets of London with little hope for the future.

Well, okay. Not exactly like the Ten Thousand.

Predicted to top 100,000 members, the protestors number “at least 50,000” according to Other sources give varying numbers, with the largest estimate I’ve seen being 70-80 thousand. So tens of thousands.

Not bad, but not what they hoped for. Still, the believers had their chance to pull down a fake statue of Bush, and they could paint signs with blood-red letters and chant about Bush the Butcher. All this after a British bank and the British consulate were truck-bombed in Istanbul.

As marchers chanting “George Bush, terrorist” made their way through a business district, a few scuffled with three Bush supporters holding U.S. flags and a sign saying “support America.” Police quickly intervened and bundled the trio into a nearby office building.
“I think it’s a disgrace that these people are basically siding with Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida,” said one of the three, Londoner Robert Temple. “Where were they when [former Romanian dictator Nicolae] Ceausescu came to town and why aren’t they protesting against the people who blew up Turkey today?”

The peace lovers tried to beat up the alleged war-mongers? Nooooo. Say it ain’t so. I imagine that the three pro-America demonstrators then called in a B-52 strike to wipe out some London orphanages in retaliation, right? Right?


So many of the anti-war types seem to feed off of the attacks and bombings against Allied troops and interests. They act like things are finally going their way. I don’t understand it, and I know that not all those opposed to the invasion of Iraq feel that way, but it just makes me shake my head.

If anything, shouldn’t truck bombings of banks and consulates steel our resolve? I think back to the early days of the Iraq campaign when a video of some US POWs was “leaked” to Arab television. The folks who are dissuaded by such things aren’t committed to victory to begin with.

War is ugly. I would hope we don’t wage war unless we need to, but I don’t think we were at all out of bounds when we invaded Iraq. I can respect rational, objective opposition to our actions. However, most of those that are protesting in London aren’t opposed to war. They’re opposed to the Allies winning a war.

I know that the world isn’t as clearly black-and-white as some claim it is, but those that oppose Allied victory are enemies of the Allied cause.

I just call ’em as I see ’em.