So that set carpenter in the anti-piracy commercial before the movie I saw might have done it?

MSNBC: Pirating movies mostly inside job

Hmmm. According to an independent study, it seems that most pirated movies originate within the movie industry itself. Screeners, editing rooms, and outsourced effects, marketing, and post-production companies are all listed as possible culprits.

The study cites Universal Pictures’ “The Hulk” as one example. It began circulating on the Internet two weeks before its June 20 theatrical release date in a copy that contained incomplete special effects and other elements. Ultimately, the studio discovered that the source for the illegal copy of the film was a friend of an employee at a print advertising firm that was promoting the movie.


The copying of commercial DVDs accounted for a relatively insignificant amount of the illegal films, the study found, as only 5 percent of the movies first appeared online after their corresponding DVDs were released.
While some titles appear online weeks before they are released theatrically, on average, the movies first appeared on the Internet 100 days after their theatrical release and 83 days before their DVD release.

So it appears that maybe that guy pleading with us not to copy movies so he doesn’t lose his job is really interested in keeping control of the pirated-movie business. Jerk.