Friday Linkzookery – 13 Aug 2010

Friday the 13th Edition!

Michelle’s “Excellent Adventure”: Another sign Obama doesn’t really want to be President
Roger L. Simon thinks that Obama is trying (maybe subconsciously) to torpedo his own presidency. I don’t know about that, but I do know that all those who worked so hard to get him elected and all those who voted for him should be embarrassed.

Not since the days of coal…
…has the US Navy had so few ships.

London to reduce fighter jets numbers
Up to 295 aircraft, including 120 Tornadoes, could be deactivated, leaving the RAF with fewer fighters than at any point since 1914.

Bushmaster MOE M4 Type Carbines
Bushmaster ARs fully equipped with Magpul MOE hardware.

Afghanistan could turn out better than Iraq?
I have trouble seeing that. But I’d like to be wrong.

Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live
Info sharing is cool and makes collecting data super easy. Like tracers, it works in both directions.

Never-Seen: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Previously unreleased photos of the devastated cities from Life Magazine photographers.

Boeing Studies UAV Deployment From V-22
Launching a ScanEagle from an Osprey.

If a Glock 20 and 29 had a child…
Cutting down the grip of a full-size for a short grip/full frame carry model.

Editorial: The Taliban in Afghanistan
Good editorial from Murdoc’s local paper.

Russian admiral calls for deployment of torpedoes mothballed after Kursk disaster
The only problem is that they leak gas. Which is probably what caused the Kursk accident. Otherwise they’re just fine.

USS Recruit, the Landship
Cage masted full-size battleship replica built in Manhattan during WW1 used for Navy recruiting and training. I had never heard of this before.

Remington Versa Max
New versatile 12 gauge autoloader.

Molon Labe, 2nd Amendment Rights, and USA Gadsden Dont Tread On Me Themed Shirts
Good stuff.


    1. I’m sure you’re not. In fact, if I owned a Glock 20 I would not want to do that. But it’s an interesting solution to wanting a 10mm Glock carry gun.

  1. The wrecked Christian Cathedral and Cross seem out of place in those A-bomb photos. I find it more than a little ironic.

  2. The British army could lose 5,000 troops and as much as 40 percent of its fleet of 9,700 armored vehicles, including Challenger 2 tanks…

    Maybe we could take those Challenger 2’s off their hands. It would solve our diesel-engine MBT dilemma.

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