Canadians still intend to buy Stryker MGS

Martin promises specific military investment

The Canadian military intends to purchase 66 of the 105mm gun-armed Stryker Mobile Guns Systems. They’re hoping to get their vehicles built while the US Army order for over 2,100 rolls down the assembly line, saving big bucks (or as big as Canadian bucks get, anyway) in the process.

That’s the problem.

No one seems to know if/when the Stryker MGS will be ready. As mentioned on MO before, GDLS is having serious problems getting the thing to work. It’s designed to use leftover M68A1 rifled guns from the original M1 tanks. That may be a way to save some bucks, but it doesn’t seem to be working. There are serious issues with vehicle stability, durability, and backblast. Never mind that the autoloader doesn’t seem to work very well.

They would probalby be better off using the low-recoil gun intended for the cancelled M8 Gun System. Or just using the 25mm Bushmaster chain gun mounted on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Marine Corps LAV-25s.

An earlier story had this:

Both the Americans and Canadians require the vehicle to be transportable by C-130 Hercules aircraft, though the U.S. needs it combat-ready on landing while Canada needs only to make it combat-ready in four to five hours.

U.S. requirements call for a lighter vehicle that can be transported a longer distance than Canada requires, said Atkins.

Canada, on the other hand, has concerns about the vehicle’s anti-landmine protection.

“We’d like to improve the mine protection on the vehicle,” Atkins said, citing a bolt-on solution as most likely.

“It’s always been a concern for us. We’ve had a history of quite a few mine incidents over the last 10 years.”

The Stryker appears to be performing quite well so far in Iraq, including shrugging off a couple of RPG attacks. This is certainly welcome news, but those guys need more heavy firepower. Canada is actually replacing Leopard I tanks with the Stryker MGS, so they need this thing to work as advertised.

They could be in a tight spot if it doesn’t.