Picking the 3 Stars

At the end of every NHL game, the game’s 3 stars are announced and they get to take a little whirl on the ice for the fans. It’s a pretty cool deal, I think, but often the picks don’t seem to be the right ones. I’ve long wondered about this and suspected that maybe the stars need to be picked before the game is over.

In yesterday’s Denver Post, Adrian’s Mailbag cleared it up. Adrian Dater selects the 3 stars at Avalanche games every 6-8 games:

Here’s the frustrating part about picking the stars: the Avs staff wants the stars when there are about five minutes to go in a game, for planning purposes. It seems like every time I pick them, the game is tied with five minutes to go. But, I still have to submit my list, so sometimes they look all screwed up when, say, the guy who scored the winning goal on a great play doesn’t get a star because he hadn’t done much to that point, etc.

There have been times when I’ve winced in embarrassment when the stars are announced over the loudspeakers. Maybe the guy I named No. 1 with five minutes to go coughed up the puck and lost the game at the end? It’s happened. So, go easy on me next time you’re at the game and I pick them in a tight game.

Yeah, he’s totally covering his butt, but it makes sense. There you have it.