Iranian Air Force seeks return of F-14 bombers from U.S.

You can’t make this stuff up:

TEHRAN – A top general declared on Tuesday that the Iranian Air Force is seeking a return of fighter jets it bought from the U.S. in the 1970s.

The United States sold 80 F-14s to Iran in 1974. However, it refused to deliver them to Iran after the Islamic Revolution.

“We want to take back bombers blocked by the U.S. because it is our legitimate right. However, this issue must be pursued by relevant organizations through relevant channels,” Hossein Chitforoush, the Air Force Deputy Commander, told the Mehr News Agency.

The Shah’s Iran ordered 80 F-14 Tomcats and got 79 of them before things went south. At least a few of them even still fly. This moron doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Some Iranian Tomcat posts on MO:


  1. “This moron doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.

    Actually, he probably does and is using a fairly standard (particularly in the Middle East) negotiating tactic, throwing in an ambit claim that is not only irrelevant but incapable of being fulfilled so as to have a head start in being “unreasonable” in the rest of the negotiations. In the 18th century the Ottoman Turks complained about the Austrians having a direct naval connection between the Baltic and the Adriatic, I think it was, with the useful result that everybody thought they didn’t know what they were talking about.

  2. so as to have a head start in being “unreasonable” in the rest of the negotiations

    Seems to me that they’ve got this pretty well covered already.

  3. Considering we scrapped all of ours specifically so parts from them can’t find their way to Iran, it’s kind of a like a dealership crying that they never got their full complement of model Ts. Too late buddy.

    Or maybe he figures we’ll make good by upgrading them to f-22s. =) The way this administration handles Iran, that’s probably not as crazy a card to put on the table as it should be.

    1. If we scrapped all of them, then that’s a shame. The threat of Iranians getting a few parts is not worth trashing perfectly good planes. The D model is pretty advanced and it would have been nice to be able to pull them out of storage if needed.

      1. They’re in the boneyard @ Davis-Monthan in Tucson, AZ. Once we have an Administration that understands the military, they can be rehabbed and sent back out to the carriers.

        The big problem is that the Navy doesn’t want them due to maintenance costs. Navy keeps finding ways to add roles to the F/A-18 “Plastic Fantastic” just like the USAF thought they could turn the F-16 into a mud-mover like the A-10.

        1. This was what I was thinking of. Maybe they stopped the process before they were all scrapped, but I was pretty sure that congress wanted them all gone.

          Either way, only 160 odd were left at the time of the writing, over three years ago. I’m pretty sure the Tomcat’s day is forever over, as much as I would love that not to be true.

        2. Just took a quick look on Google Earth, and assuming it is a relatively recent picture (last couple, three years), I see nothing. There was one Tomcat on display on “Coolidge Street,” along with all the other Navy jets from the F-4 on. The only swing wing I could find in the boneyard was the F-111. There are plenty of A-6s, F-4s, old A-7s, even some f-18Cs, but no Tomcats that I could see. I might have missed them though I guess.

  4. Captain Ned, you may not like the Super Hornet, but it easily outclasses the old F-14A Tomcats with the TF30 engines. The F-14B with it’s F110 engines is an improvement, but it’s avionics are still very dated.

    The F-14D was very impressive for it’s day and could easily have served on. Yet so few were built that it wouldn’t be worth reactivating them.

    If F-14 development had continued, we could seen a “F-14E” with AESA radar, full ground attack capabilites, airframe improvements, and other changes, but it is too late for that.

  5. Actually the Iranians owe us money. If you take the cost of one tomcat and compare that to the cost of overthrowing Saddam and installing a pro-Iranian, Shia government, then I’d say the Iranians owe us about a trillion dollars. Would that be credit card, check or cash?

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