About time

Two Stryker vehicles being flown directly to ‘hot zone’

Two Stryker LAVs are going to be flown into Iraq.

On Monday, Fort Lewis and McChord [AFB] joined in sending the Army’s first pair of backup Strykers to the Middle East since the brigade’s 300-plus vehicles shipped out from the Port of Tacoma in October.

This is the first time U.S. forces are transporting Strykers by air to a hostile zone.

Although I thought this should have happened as part of the initial deployment, and two vehicles doesn’t really represent a true demonstration of the capabilities (or lack thereof) of air deployed Strykers, it’s a start.

One of the Strykers is a replacement for the one that burned in December after being struck by an IED. The other is a medical vehicle that will be kept in reserve.

Also noted are the two Strykers that fell into canals in early December. They will be refurbished and back on the go when new electronics are installed.