No surprises here


The Patriot air-defense missile isn’t as good as claimed. That’s not really surprising, of course. After all the rah-rah about it in 1991, we eventually learned that it wasn’t quite as effective as advertised at the time.

I’ve complained before about the lack of operational testing for the new Patriot PAC-3. Patriots also shot down a British Tornado and a US F/A-18 during the Iraq campaign.

Check out the Defense Tech post, and this day-by-day record of Iraq’s missile and rocket activity. Look at the 26 March report.

Victoria Samson at CDI seems to have it in for the Patriot. My gut feeling is that she’s on the right track. I’m not suggesting that we discontinue using the system, but it certainly needs to be reviewed and upgraded.

And if we have a record like this with a fairly experienced weapons platform against relatively simple targets, how the hell can we expect to shoot down ICBMs? Especially if that system skips operational testing like the Patriot PAC-3 did? Just asking.