Somalia is Still Somalia

Militants ‘slaughter’ lawmakers at Somali hotel

A suicide bomber and gunmen dressed in Somali military uniforms stormed a hotel in the country’s capital Tuesday, killing at least 31 people including six members of parliament, the Somali government said.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility. A suicide bomber apparently started things by blowing up the lobby. Then gunmen stormed through the chaos. A firefight with police lasted an hour.

A recent story on Al-Shabab:

In the latest adoption of tactics long used by the Afghan militants, al-Shabab is ordering households in southern Somalia to contribute a boy to the militants’ ranks. Childless families have to pay al-Shabab $50 a month. That’s Somalia’s per capita income.


  1. Wow, Somalia really seems like a great place. I guess that’s why we are bringing in so many of them to places like Minneapolis, Kansas City and Maine.

  2. Matt & Bravo are both Bad People. LOL! As a libertarian, two of who’s Grand Parents were immigrants (the legal kind) I’m keenly aware of how this nation is largely great because of the energy and hard work of those who came here from their former lands. As a life long security specialist, and contractor who’s seen some really wonderful third world **** holes, and enjoyed the lovley local society and cultural values that went with them…………we need to be very careful about allowing Islamic immigration into the US. If they really want to be Americans, follow constitutional law, support the separation of church and state, and not use vendetta and violance as “coping skill” and means of disagreement resolution………then COME ON IN!

    If they’re the other kind of Muslim (and there are a lot of them), then STAY THE **** OUT! No need to turn ourselves into the Islamic Republic of France or the Netherlands.

    1. My great-grandparents were immigrants. I’m sure most of us have immigrant ancestors not too many generations back. I’m also sure that most of them began to assimilate and conform to overall American standards, and that their children did so much more. By the third generation it was probably tough to tell the difference between a third-gen and tenth-gen citizen, even if they hadn’t completely abandoned their heritage and had kept some customs from the old land.

      Way, way too many of the current crop of immigrants not only don’t seem to make an effort to conform, they appear to spend a lot of effort actively refusing to conform and to put a lot of effort into making sure that their non-conformance is protected if not pushed onto others.

      Of course, I say that about immigrants today. I have no doubt that people a hundred and fifty years ago said the same thing about the immigrants of those days.

    2. What do you mean I’m a bad person> Take a look at this face have you ever seen a more handsome punem in you life?

  3. MO, The overwhelming majority of immigrants pre-1965 were European and Christian, which made it a lot easier for them to assimilate. In addition, we did not have a welfare state and immigrants had to sink or swim on their own accord. Further, society put massive pressure on them to assimilate. Look up Teddy Roosevelt sometime to see what he had to say about European immigrants. He’d be run out of office if he said the same today.

    The immigrants of today have it way too easy. The elite have lost faith in the supremacy of Western and Anglo culture and thus, don’t force the newcomers to assimilate. Instead we follow a multiculturalist immigration policy which supports dual citizenship, voting ballots in one’s native language and affirmative action set asides for people who have never been wronged by this nation. Add to that that the overwhelming majority of newcomers are not European and you complicate the assimilation process.

    The Naturalization Act of 1790, passed by the first congress and signed by Washington, is pretty indicative of what the Founders had in mind for citizenship. I imagine those guys are rolling in their graves at the sight of 2010 America.

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