That’s NOT the sort of ‘reset’ we were looking for…

Say Uncle notes a local radio program that asked callers to describe what it would take to “reset” the country. One of them responded with

The best way to reset the country is to have deficit spending on the largest scale ever, government bailouts of industry, big government, socialized healthcare, vast unfunded entitlements, and government employees who make far more money than their private industry counterparts.

A lot of the things going on are pretty fundamental. Fundamental at the “reset the country” level. It’s early, but the results are looking uglier by the day. This reset could transform America into the socialist nation that so many lefties have pined for for so long, or it could get close to doing so and then set off a terrifyingly exciting chain of events.

Murdoc’s hoping for C) None of the Above.


  1. All of the above is already here. What are people going to do about it? Continue to run their mouth, nothing else.

  2. Not much we can do except make our opposition known to all the incumbants and vote those who deserve it out a the first opportunity. Actually I took the cited response as a satire, maybe it wasn’t. I’ve also harbored suspicions there are elements within the leftist coalition supporting the Obamanation who are actually trying to destabilise the country by ruining the economy. Economic upheaval is the classic door for revolutionary change to walk through isn’t it?

  3. How about a violent revolution and overthrow of the current government? A new, stronger Constitution (term limits, tax ceilings, voting requirements, and a House of Repeal), fire all civilian federal employees, cancel all social programs, and disavow all of the old country’s debt?

    That would be a reset with a clean slate.

    Just kidding of course.

  4. Every November we have a chance to hit reset.

    But if the “powers that be” start dicking with the voting (which is entirely possible, IMO) then things will get ugly….

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