Today’s Twisted History

Today’s offering on the Twisted History sidebar feature is a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe said

Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived.

While not opposed to that view at all, I must suggest that the black slaves in America, who were returned to bondage a few years after Lincoln’s ill-conceived War Between the States, might wish things were different.

So might the rest of the world, who might have benefited greatly from a whole Union instead of the shattered Republic that struggled on after that bloody, savage war’s short-lived “victory” was revealed to be no more than a vain attempt to preserve the US of A.

Also, the Nazis and Imperial Japan know full well that victory by force is sure to be short-lived, since all they had to do was wait us out before they returned to power in the 1950s after their so-called “defeat” by force.

I’m just saying.